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Fashionista NOW: 7 Fruity Tutti Ways To Sweeten UP Your Summer Wardrobe

Credit | Ellen V. Lora

What’s another summer-friendly print to wear besides the usual florals? Answer: Why not rely on refreshing fruit prints? Here are 7 fruit print styles to get you started and find out how you can include a fruit not only on your fruit platter but also your wardrobe.

Fruits; how everyone just loves them and though we don’t love them all, we sure love the ones we do love to munch (like green apples and oranges, for me)! Fresh, juicy and satisfying to munch on, you now have an excuse to wear your favorite fruit too!

As much I love fruits, I’ve yet to wear them as psychedelic/muted prints stamped upon a shirt, skirt or pants. I do feel they add a refreshing touch into an outfit when the aim is to bring something a little unexpected onto the style table. This summer, besides the usual botanical patterns, you can opt for a favorite fruit to make a statement in a way of a brightly colored watermelon motif on a top for instance, and be right on trend.

Upon trawling the net where the fashion fraternity gathers, pineapples seem to have grown quite the following, along with cherries and bananas but do not let that limit your style choice as there are plenty fruity prints to pluck from the clothing racks, online and off.

Find below other fruit print ideas and draw a quick inspiration on how our favorite fashionistas are currently working the fruit print fashion trend into their wardrobe:


| Iris Zoey



| Nilu Yuleena Thapa



| Joicy Muniz



| Cansin Eksi



| Carly Maddox



| Amy Roiland

| Katarzyna Konderak



| Ninni W.

| Jorshua

So ladies and lads, what do you think of the fruit-themed looks above? Will you give the summer-friendly print trend a go? What’s your favorite fruit print? Share below – I’d love to know!

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