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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Wear Mastuli Khalid For A COMFY CHIC Monochrome Raya 2015

Fashionista NOW: Wear Mastuli Khalid For A COMFY CHIC Monochrome Raya 2015

Wear Mastuli Khalid For A COMFY CHIC Monochrome Raya 2015

Once in a while, there comes a fashion designer that just gets it, and she goes by the name of Fatma Dewi Khalid.

When I say that she gets it, I mean that her latest collection is the embodiment of the look I love so much in a monochrome type of way, with loose silhouettes that cinch only at the right locations, a neutral motif that will work anyway in any kind of ensemble long after Raya/Eid is over and that all-round hypnotizing effortlessness. I’ve only come to know about this young fashion designer today and thanks to FashionValet, I’m practically swooning over her latest collection.

Her label, Mastuli Khalid is a young clothing line that came to form in 2014. Combining comfort and class, loud and minimal, their versatile garments promise wearability throughout the day. Along with a ‘Simple but Significanttagline, the young fashion label is poised to take the Malaysian fashion scene by the storm.

Roomy boxy tops, loose and wide-legged culottes and shift-style dresses cut in a uber relaxed construction are all elements that I am honestly very fond of and try to incorporate into my own wardrobe. And to see all of it combined in a local designer collection is like having someone actually reading your mind and making that dream come true. If there is a collection that really got me to squeal in delight when I first set my eyes on it, Mastuli Khalid is IT!

Fatma Dewi Khalid, the snazzy fashion designer behind the young home-grown label never formally studied fashion but judging from her second collection that is released just in time for the upcoming Eid in July, she definitely is gifted beyond just having a keen eye for fashion. Her collection boasts a minimalist and modern selection (that can be Raya-friendly) will have you awed and wanting, especially if you’re a lover of black and white, grey and the whole monochromatic vibe.

I will say nothing more now and let her collection speak for itself:

See more exquisite pieces from her collection here.

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What do you think of this monochrome collection from our Malaysian fashion designer? Shoot your thoughts – I’d love to know what you think!

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