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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Jump Into Fall With Marsala Wine

Credit | Olya Suvorova

Wearing marsala wine as opposed to drinking it — Are you game? Marsala wine outfit ideas to wear, if you’re so inclined.

We’re entering the in-between seasons, where summer’s about to merge into fall and all the sun-worshippers are hysterically spending more time outdoors while the rest who are Autumnal are already high on the prospect of future wardrobe layering that’s about to happen. If you’re in Malaysia, which is where my physical body is presently located at the moment, it’s the killer heat with bouts of heavy pour that is causing such a bipolar wardrobe dilemma.

One minute you’re bathing in perspiration about to lose all dressing decorum. Next, you’re clammy cold, freezing (in the tropical sense because we’re not used to low temps), in need of quick layering. While no color can ever solve the issue of fluctuating weather and body temperature, the time is simply ripe for appreciating the color of the year and all of the shades that fall under the same umbrella.

Whatever you call it: maroon, oxblood, or the latest being the coolest, which is marsala; just remember, while it really isn’t groundbreaking to wear burgundy about this time of the year, people wear what they want to wear and that’s how I like it.

My dark closet is, however, lacking marsala. Can’t reason why this is the case when I have deep love for a dark and vampy lip color. Oh wait, I do have a pair of denim in the color. Anyway, I wouldn’t mind an actual marsala wine that sits in the bottle but this is not that kind of post so let us cast our attention into how lookbookers are wearing marsala for the obligatory style inspiration. All you need to do is tweak it according to your local weather unless your body has completely transcend the effects of petty temperature, in which case, you must get in touch with me.

Marsala wine outfit ideas:

Marsala Off-The-Shoulder Top

| Tara Verbon

Burgundy Jumpsuit

| Amy Ramirez

Deep Marsala Texture Top

| Maristella Gonzalez

Marsala Slacks

| Miu Miu

Marsala Culottes

| Deliah Alexandra

Maroon Corduroy Dress

| Karolina J.

Marsala Pants

| Andreea Ristea

Burgundy Boho Maxi Dress

| Stryle TZ

Maroon Midi Dress

| Kristy J.

How do you like the burgundy-centered wardrobe ideas, so far? Are you a fan of wearing burgundy come Autumn/monsoon/insert-a-season? I want to hear what you think — do share away!

“Hair and shoes say it all. Everything in between is forgivable as long as you keep it simple. Trying to talk with your clothes is passive-aggressive.”Rick Owens

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