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Fashionista NOW: 7 Ways To Wear Bold Pink With A Minimalist Flair

7 Ways To Wear Bold Pink With A Minimalist Flair

A statement pink piece isn’t that hard to style when you rely on fashion’s most basic rule.

The weather’s been so beautiful today that it calls for a happy-color dressing.

The monsoon, while it quietly brews, gives way to brilliant breaks of blue-sky bird-chirping perfect weather. And earlier today, though I was dressed in my casual attire of black and white; a breathable low-neck body-fitting top partnered up with my slouchy, flowy abstract printed harem pants and my comfy birkies, I found myself thinking of a hot pink statement wardrobe and why I hadn’t really worn my only hot pink top and quickly found out why: the knitted fabric, even though light isn’t that comfy enough to wear out considering the lurking humidity. And it is a little bit rough to the touch.

Anyway, pink is one of those colors I’ve been equating with cheery moods and I also consider it even cheeky (I used to find it annoying – yes, a color can be annoying – back when I was younger). I know it’s always been referred to as a girly, flirty color but I’m much more swayed by pink’s fun and playful side. A wardrobe splashed with a pink statement piece whether through a blouse, skirt, dress or a layering outerwear is something I would love to wear and mulling over the next pink piece to get for myself while scrolling and wish-listing on ZALORA has got me pretty excited.

One of the things about shopping on ZALORA that I love which I had not mentioned before lies in their on-point styling of clothing, (some) shoes and even bags that they sell in their store. I like seeing how a piece is styled, the size and proportions of it when worn by a living breathing human being and I like that they do it so brilliantly well as the outfits are often styled minimally focusing around the piece they are selling. I always find myself gravitating towards pieces that are donned by a model as I can roughly gauge how it would look on my body. My past purchases were all influenced by this factor and I wish they would do the same for their jewelry though!

Coming back to making a pop of pink statement: I thoroughly liked what I saw while I was gathering my personal pink go-to list and hope you’d like the minimalist styling of a hot pink anchored down by neutral hues, showing that keeping it simple even with a strong in-your-face color can be done by employing this basic style rule!



New Look | bold pink ribbed pencil skirt



Inhanna | hot pink kebaya kimono



Nunfish | embossed pink skirt



CATWALK88 | pink high-low hem tunic tee



NINE2FIVE | pink long sleeve frill dress



NINE2FIVE | long sleeve high neck pleated pink blouse



NINE2FIVE | pink shift dress


So ladies, what do you think of my pink list? Are you a fan of this visually-popping color? Or do you despise pink so much it’s not part of your wardrobe equation (but found yourself scrolling through this post anyway)? See anything you like from this list? Share your thoughts below as I love reading them!

PS: There is another pink that I love and it comes in a shape of a warm-blooded strong and inspiring woman whose songs colored my twenties and it’s P!nk. We can be besties, if you love her too!

My definition of stupid is wasting your opportunity to be yourself because I think everybody has a uniqueness and everybody’s good at something.P!nk

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