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Fashionista NOW: Did You Know That Fanny Packs Are Officially Cool?

Did You Know That Fanny Packs Are Officially Cool?

Who’d have thought that fanny packs could ever be chic? The pretty breed of fanny packs will have you surprised!

I would never have thought I’d be writing about fanny packs in a fashion trend context.

A year back, I’d even laugh at the idea while looking at awkward fanny packs’ photos online. My very first memory of a fanny pack being in existence was of the velcro pouchy kind that were worn by old people and handymen. It was never a thing of fashion based off the exterior as it more than often ended up looking like an unsightly bulging pouch that made the wearer look even heavier and honestly, sloppy. I just saw it as a completely utilitarian waist-hanging bag that differentiated those who had style and those that didn’t. And sadly, the fanny-pack-wearing bunch was the latter.

And now, I’m eating my own words because wow, the latest breed of fanny packs are cooler than your everyday garden-variety totes, which you’d have noticed yourself even earlier had you not have been as judgmental as me!

So, what is a fanny pack, really?

Well, if you’ve called it by another name like a bum bag, waist of hip bag or belt bag, then it is just another name for the hands-free kind of bag you wear around the hips or waist. Get this, in the UK, the fanny pack is also called a snatchel which had me tickled for about a minute now. You just have gotta love the English’s brand of creativity there.

The rising interest in fanny packs of late are fueled by fashion-forward millennials who are also rave-goers and music-festival-attenders. The utilitarian aspect of the fanny pack is important in this type of events as no one likes to party while attempting to hold onto a bag that could very well fly off into a stranger’s face or worse, into the hands of a thief!

Back in early 2011, a number of designer labels decided to bring this accessory back and called them by different names like belted satchels or more neutrally, hands-free bags but attached with a ridiculously high price tag, of course. With celebs and fashion icons spotted in their cool and expensive fanny packs, the rest of the world soon wanted a piece of this delicious fanny pack style bag that didn’t look so bad after all.

I’d say they’re pretty chic and I still surprise myself! Just look at the list below and tell me you don’t see the brilliant transformation yourself?



KURTIK | black leather unisex fanny pack

From a humble-looking fabric pouch to an intricate leather beauty, the fanny pack’s transformation is simply awe-inspiring.



AryaClothing | triple pocket recycled leather fanny pack

This could be added into your carefree boho wardrobe. I love how slim it is. Get 10% OFF of your purchase of this gorgeous bohemian fanny pack (or anything else you like from the store) by keying this code at checkout: aryaboho1



JennyNDesign | brown leather traveler fanny pack

This is a bigger fanny pack that can be worn around the waist or over your shoulder. Or simply hand-carry as you’d do a clutch! I love that it stays true as a functional piece but way versatile and kind on the eyes as well.



MISHKAbags | minimal black leather fanny pack

Look out minimalist queen bees, this chic one will blend into your mode of dressing easily!



lallidesign | cowgirl leather festival fanny pack

For my real and faux cowgirls, this fanny pack would totally enliven your simplest of outfit, truly and keep your things secured at the same time.



InfinityWears | leopard leather fanny pack

I can’t not mention a fanny pack that’s rendered in leopard because it’s my favorite animal print. Look, you can also wear it as a sling back. Fabulous, right?



alexbender | flat mini leather fanny pack

Another super minimalist kind of fanny pack you can wear with pretty much anything.


Did you know that these bags are referred to as fanny packs is because in the US, they were traditionally worn facing the rear, just above the tush area? These days, no sane person would ever wear them like that because eyeballs aren’t situated at the back of the head. And hands can’t reach for the bag except for hands of pickpockets.

And since the word fanny actually refers to a part of women’s genitalia to folks in the Anglosphere outside of North America, you’d understand why they are quite a trigger to lots of jokes! But, look who’s laughing now?

Will you wear any of the fanny packs shown here? Which one would you wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

“Ugly is attractive, ugly is exciting. Maybe because it is newer. The investigation of ugliness is, to me, more interesting than the bourgeois idea of beauty. And why? Because ugly is human.”Miuccia Prada

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