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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Embrace The HOT Pink Color Trend

Credit | Laura Firefly

Want to wear pink but don’t know whether you can pull it off? This post will show you that you can!

As a child, I loathed the princessy color and if there ever had been anything in pink in my possession, it would be because my mom made me wear it.

Eventually like all children, we grew up and start liking things we never thought we would. The very first time I ever wanted to don something in pink was in a form of a knitted top and this took place long after college when I started dipping my toes in fashion copywriting. Little did I know that the color was a sneaky one, creeping into my life in little things like a keyboard cover I got online because it matches the pink laptop. As I write, I’m already planning to don the old pink top tomorrow thinking of new ways that I could apply some style touches that I’ve picked up along the way.

This post is an extension of my quest for ways that I could rethink pink and make it part of my wardrobe as a vibrant accent color. As always, the very first picture of this post is the muse that fuels my interest in this color.

It is of Laura Firefly, a Romanian fashion designer, stylist and director of DECAY Magazine clad in her pretty fuchsia pink dress and I need not to pinpoint that her dainty pink accented heel is the highlight of this breezy summer look because that bit would have already teased you to look closer.

Of course, I’m not about to go head to toe in pink (yet) so on to the looks I’ve gathered below to show how it can be worn with other neutral colors, proving that any strong color can be cleverly tamed. Enjoy!

Anchored With Black

| Maggie Chan

Anchored With Black & Monochrome Print

| Sofya Benzakour Knidel

Anchored With Black + Grey, Subtly Colorblocked with Teal

| Cansin Eksi

Anchored With White + A Small Explosion Of Colors Via Accessories

| Julia F.

Anchored With Metallic Grey + White

| Mikuta

Anchored With White + Grey, Subtly Colorblocked With Light Blue

| Daria Strek

Ombred Out In Shades Of Pink

| Emily Men

Anchored With White + Gold

| Chris Gentner

Anchored With White, Matched With A Floral Pattern

| Alexandra M.

Okay, so two of the looks — by Mikuta and Emily — are apparently mostly in pink but aren’t they just pretty? Which one of the looks is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“When a woman’s clothes are in harmony with her emotions, she shines from within.”Alber Elbaz

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