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Fashionista NOW: Cape Style Blouses To Wear For Raya 2015 Fashion Inspiration

Cape Style Blouses To Wear For Raya 2015 Fashion Inspiration

Not everyone can afford or want to spend on a designer cape style top but fret not because you’ve got an affordable option of stylisch cape style blouses that will keep your wallet intact as it keeps you fabulous this Raya.

The thing about a cape decorating a blouse which makes it appealing is that it lets the wearer ooze a kind of classic and mysterious appeal but I’m not talking about that big chunk of fabric overlapping the back of a blouse that sometimes circle to the front. What I like lies in a clever design where the fabric is cut about the sleeve in a way that makes it look like you have a cape going on but it’s just all an illusion.

From the front, you’ll have that cape look that you so desire while the back looks like the blouse that it is. I must admit that I find it loathsome to be wearing something that is overly heavy or too theatrical on top as is the case with some cape tops. The exaggerated cape detail may be all grand if you’re walking the red carpet, but beware, it can cause the wearer to look top heavy. Not only that, some are made with a heavy fabric that isn’t suited for the Malaysian equatorial weather.

That said, the blouses that I’m about to show you is super wearable that I’d wear them anytime I want to feel a little pretty. Fitting with the celebratory mood that is in the air for those who are about to celebrate Raya/Eid in the coming month, you too may find the selection below pretty cool if you love the cape look. Best of all: Each cape top can be had for at under RM60 (about USD16)!

Dress it up with a skinny pencil skirt or tapered trousers. Dress it down with your jeans and high-waist mom trousers. The choice is yours to make! Enjoy!

The gorgeous party-worth cape blouses you just eyeballed are from Whitesoot, a Malaysian fashion boutique that curates a fashion-forward collection based off inspiration they draw from the runways, global fashion bloggers and celebs and bring it into your humble closet by working on a principle that something trendy doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

I like that line of thought very much as I’m quite a thrifty shopper who though may desire loads of cute and pretty things but is fairly disciplined when it comes to shopping or any other aspects of my life. In fact, as I’ve mentioned before, I am still on that shopping ban!

If your shopping ban is over, you can give Whitesoot a visit because it is one of those rare gem of a store that offers cool quality clothing at a friendly price tag. Another cool thing: Whitesoot ships internationally!

So, what do you think of our cape style top list? Do you have a favorite? What other trends would you like us to feature as part of the Raya 2015 fashion series? We’d love to know!

“Zest is the secret of all beauty. There is no beauty that is attractive without zest.”Christian Dior

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