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Fashionista NOW: 10 Ways To Accent With Royal Cobalt Blue Fashion Inspiration

Royal blue is the perfect accent color. Work it into your wardrobe this season and see how it can uplift the most neutral of outfits. 10 ways to wear pops of royal blue to follow.

Are you excited to add a splash of colors in your wardrobe? I know I am! Talking about colors, India-based fashion blogger, Nilu Yuleena Thapa from Big Hair Loud Mouth is the style master of taking it all out, bold and proud with any hues (and prints). Her blog is an explosion of colors and patterns, accompanied with thoughtful write-ups that will make you love her even more!

I’m inspired by Nilu’s use of the rich blue color in her look (see intro pic) and thought, why don’t I expand a little bit on this color trend for those who like to wear intense colors minimally. For Spring 2015, Pantone color report reveals that colors of the cooler and softer side of the spectrum are in emphasis whereas bold colors are reserved for accents. Chanel’s use of royal blue is seen in Karl Lagerfield’s Resort 2016 collection where it is used in conjunction with stripes and geometric florals.

A boost of energetic color, whether it be orange, yellow, red, purple or blue can do so much to lift the mellowest of dressers out of their style rut. If you are like Nilu, whose penchant for bright, bold colors and vivid prints is all-year strong, feel free to embrace all colors without constraining yourself with trends as they are ultimately just rough guidelines along the way to realizing your own style.

A little restrain though can be employed for those preferring the presence of strong colors one shade at a time. Royal blue, to me is so breathtakingly rejuvenating that I see myself wearing it as a way to add a color punch to an outfit either one piece of clothing at a time or through accessories.

As always, for a quick style inspiration on the ways to wear royal (and cobalt) blue as a color accent, you know what to do – just scroll away!

Which royal blue-accented outfit is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“In visual perception a color is almost never seen as it really is – as it physically is. This fact makes color the most relative medium in art.”Josef Albers

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