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Fashionista NOW: 10 Singaporean Lookbook Girls To Follow Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Widya Ng

We’ve rounded up 10 style-savvy fashionistas from Singapore who happen to be on Lookbook for you to follow. This post also doubles up as how to dress in the tiny tropical island that’s hot and humid with bouts of rain all year long for those making it their travel destination for the very first time.

Previously, I’ve highlighted 10 Malaysian lookbookers to follow for some raw street-style fashion inspiration. Today, the focus is on 10 street style fashionistas from Singapore, a tiny island that used to be part of Malaysia in the 1960s. Now, let’s dive straight into the very first style master shall we?

In the intro image of this piece, you will have laid eyes on the beautiful Widya who is the owner of Megagamie, an online boutique that was started back in 2012. Widya’s all about pretty skirts and dresses and a girly look that’s also dressy and fun. If you love femininity and easy chic wear, she is your girl!


| Sebelle Sharmine

Sebelle believes that everyone should have something that they can loose themselves in. For her, it’s through photography and the written words. Her style is mostly modern monochromatic black and white with the rare print mixed in and loads of statement necklaces.

| Megan Ng

Megan Ng is the sister of Widya Ng and together they make up the pretty masterminds behind the online Singapore-based boutique, Megagamie. She’s a wanderlust at heart and a lover of makeup and beauty-related stuff. Her style as you can probably guessed from her outfit here is a mix of classic feminine flair evident by her love for statement skirts and dresses and the rare jeans and straight pants.

| Jazlina J.

Jazlina’s short bob hairstyle had me at hello and I also love the way she pouts her lips for the camera when she’s not laughing away. The fashionista loves visually-appealing stuff and this is reflected in her street style fashion shots! I mean, if you can make stacked shopping trolleys look so cool just by standing next them, you’re it, no question. Her signature style is a blend of casual chic where she keeps it either one color or a print at a time.

| Amelyn B.

Amelyn’s silky long tresses alone makes her quite the riveting fashionista. Her shoe style? Just my kind of style! If she’s not wearing some type of flat shoe or sandals, those feet will be in some kind of made-for-walking boots. Her style is minimalist chic with a clear love for solid neutrals in black, white, grey, navy, burgundy and blush pink. Prints are kept monochromatic.

| Alicia Lsh

Alicia’s culottes sealed the deal for me. According to the cake-obsessed fashionista, her mind is on a constant food-hunt and that she is in the process of coming to terms with her fluffy cheeks. I totally relate on those two points! Her style is so easy to follow as she either keeps it one color or a print at a time. She’s your crop-top girl – you definitely need slashed shirts to survive the heat in Singapore!


The young Ann-Marie wears a daydreamy look on her face like a pro. The media arts student’s growing love for monochromatic looks can be observed on her lookbook profile itself where she initially started off with bits of pastel colors and then found comfort in understated neutrals.

| Lisa Xwhite

Lisa is the founder of Singapore-based Gnossem, a clothing store made for fascinating women with a penchant for unboring independent designer’s clothing and style. Her outfit style reflects her vision as there will be a statement piece in one form or another.

| Karen Alexis Malaga Tan

Karen is not one to follow trends blindly and she loves experimenting with hair color. In between being a cool Filipina and a quirky bohemian pastry lover, you’ll find her casual yet fun style centers upon her love for stripes and plaids that will look good on almost anyone.

| Shanice Koh

Shanice in her daisies really made an impression on me. As is the earthy color palette of her outfit. A graphic designer who is also a writer, model and an English & Psychology student, her style is all about the statement patterned piece.

Are there any other Singaporean street style fashionista(s) you follow? Are you yourself a trendsetter based in Singapore? Drop a comment below – We’d love to hear from you!

“There is no definition of beauty, but when you can see someone’s spirit coming through, something unexplainable, that’s beautiful to me.”Liv Tyler

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