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Chris James & Lee Filter Production Color Gels Malaysia ( Effects Filters )

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Chris James Production Color Gels Malaysia ( Effects Filters )

Price : RM 17.99 for every feet in length ( every 30.48 cm )

The selections are as below but if you got other colours u need, you also can inform me

194 Surprise Pink

191 Cosmetic Aqua Blue

180 Dark Lavender

170 Deep Lavender

165 Daylight Blue

154 Pale Rose

153 Pale Salmon

152 Pale Gold

144 No Colour Blue

140 Summer Blue

139 Primary Green

136 Pale Lavender

132 Medium Blue

128 Bright Pink

121 James Green

120 Deep Blue

119 Dark Blue

110 Middle Rose

104 Deep Amber

103 Straw

101 Yellow 

101 Spring Yellow

090 Dark Yellow Green

089 Moss Green

068 Sky Blue

061 Mist Blue

052 Light Lavender

039 Carnation Pink

036 Medium Pink

035 Light Pink

025 Sunset Red

017 Surprise Peach

013 Straw Tint


Lee Filter Colors 

131 Marine Blue

115 Peacock Blue

107 Light Rose

106 Primary Red

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