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Svema Astrum Foto 100 Black and White Film Ukraine Film Malaysia

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RM 14 Approx ( Actual Price Plz Refer Price Sheet )

Foto-100 is a panchromatic negative high resolution film, coated onto a
transparent polyester base providing excellent dimensional stability.
Thickness of the polyester base: 0.10mm / 0.004”.


Foto-100 has a high-efficiency protection layer on top of its emulsion to prevent scratching and pre- or desensitizing by pressure.

Base substrate and back layer keep their anti-static properties, even after processing.

The spectral sensitivity of Foto-100 is expanded into the near infrared range of the energy

Its spectral sensitivity to up to 750 nm. The image contrast can be controlled by the processing parameters. Foto-100 can be processed as a medium contrast film for large-scale photography.

Processing can take place in a continuous tone processor or manually (rewind development).

The very fine graininess and the high sharpness of the film, makes it ideal for use as art photo
and for technical detailing applications.

Due to its very fine grain, its explicit detail rendering and its ability to be processed at low
contrast, this film is producing low grain and very low noise when scanned.

The film should be handled in complete darkness.
The exposure depends on the required image contrast, the spectral
quality and the intensity of the reflected light and the use of filters.

If filters are used, the exposure time should be increased by a filter factor.

No DX code, Sorry!

As Foto-100 is produced using recycled 135mm cartridges, there is no DX code available, please
use manual ISO setting.