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Fashionista NOW: How To Style Your Fanny Pack Like You Have Been Carrying It Forever?

Credit | Amsesh

How to style your fanny pack when a year back, you were that horrible person who wrinkled your nose at anyone who carried them?

It’s one of the so-called fashion atrocities of the 90s but the recent evolution of the fanny packs have taken the belt bag accessory trend out of its awkward phase and straight into the wardrobe of highly experimental millenials.

I know you’ve been thinking it lately: So, how does one wear a fanny pack with tons of confidence and exude some majorly serious style like it’s always been the fanny packs you love best?

You can thank the fashion-forward fanny-pack-carrying ladies below for showing how it can be done with a variety of looks. Whether your belt bags are structured, slouchy, minimalist, bold or furry, take them out and wear them proud!

Cotton Candy Fanny Pack

| Kirsten Vogel

Wear with a crop tank top, Clueless style plaid skirt and lace-up platforms.

Light Denim Fanny Pack

| Morgan Marie

Wear with a striped crop top, checkered skater skirt, beanie and cat-eye sunglasses. A dark lip color to finish.

Vintage Fanny Pack

| Damy Ben

Wear with a sweater, knee-slashed jeans and buckled trainers. Let it hang lower than your waist for a completely laid-back vibe.

Mini Black Fanny Pack

| Liz Benichou

Wear with a floral contrast collar shirt, patterned culottes and silver oxfords.

Pink Furry Fanny Pack

| Aii-ness

Wear with a cat hoodie, cat print leggings and lace-up booties. Top off with a snapback.

Money Print Slouchy Fanny Pack

| Gabriela Grebska

Wear with pastel pink shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Holographic Fanny Pack

| Paris Holland

Wear with a pink velvet cropped halter and baby blue skater skirt. Creeper shoes and green hair to finish.

Boxy Fanny Pack

| Lotta-Liina Love

Wear it with a monochromatic casual chic ensemble.

Sleek Black Structured Fanny Pack

| Annemiek

Contrast it against an all sporty white attire.

Need to grab a fanny pack that isn’t ugly right now? Check out our super duper wearable selection you’d be so proud to wear!

Which of the look here succeeds in showing your favorite way of styling a fanny pack? Is there a fanny pack style you’d be more inclined to wear? Share everything below – I so want to know!

“I am interested in the idea of ‘taste.’ And by ‘taste,’ I mean opinion, inspiration and the craft of creating a personality through fabric and design.”Olivier Theyskens

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  • Where is my fanny pack? That’s what this post has made me wonder. The looks are so incredibly stunning! I especially like the first look with a combination of tan, fringe and colours. Incredibly chic!


    Nilu Yuleena

    BIG hair LOUD mouth

    • Agree!! Amsesh’s look had me at hello and I was compelled to feature it! Something about the earthy color story, I love it! I hope you’ll find your perfect fanny pack, my lovely sis! It would be so nice to see your take on it :D xx

  • Did you really call it a “fanny” pack? I still got what to learn :)

    • Hahaha, YES! I know, it’s pretty funny and inappropriate within certain circles. LOL Thank you for dropping by, Lu <3 Your comments are much appreciated :D xx

  • I’ve been searching for a perfect fanny pack for a long time, but still no luck… At least now I know how to style it ;)) Thanks for sharing!

    StyleSprinter Blog

    • I hope you’ll find the right fanny pack that will complement your style. There are so many chic styles out there! Thank you for stopping by Katya, your comments brighten this space =D xx

  • Paris

    I love fanny packs. It keeps me from over stuffing my purses and sticking to the basics! Haha :) -Paris [IG: @parischolland | look book.nu/parisholland]

    • That is brilliant! I think carrying smaller bags in general is the easiest way to curb our proneness to overstuffing our bags. I used to carry very big slouchy bags and you could use them as weapon of destruction LOL ! =D