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Fashionista NOW: The Pleated Dress Trend And Why You Should Rock It

Pleated dresses are oh so uber feminine and timeless. Read on for some practical fashion tips and why you should sport the pleated trend this year.

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Fashionista NOW: How To Rock Printed Pants Without Looking Like A Fashion Victim

Printed pants trend has been in and out of fashion and the trend is famous for inspiring some really unsightly fashion faux pas. Read on for some fashion tips to ensure that when you rock that bold print-loaded pants, you’ll look good!

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Fashionista NOW: The Return Of Plaid Fashion

Plaid, unlike checkered (which is a simpler version of plaid) is a variation of the traditional tartan and seeing as the style is making a return into fashion prompts me to share some plaid-loving amazing looks to inspire you.

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Fashionista NOW: The Color Trend ~ Aquamarine in Fashion

Looking to exude a cool and peaceful aura through fashion? The cool spring cyan-ish green color is the perfect color to include in your outfits.

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Fashionista NOW: The Asymmetrical Fashion Trend – Bringing Class & Style To The Equation

Asymmetrical designs in fashion can be seen in various slanted styled skirts, blouses and cardigans with one side having a different cut than the other.

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Fashionista NOW: The Midi Skirt Fashion Infatuation

Fashion designer Michael Kors recently declared the demise of super-short hemlines at New York Fashion Week and it coincides with my returning love for the midi skirt trend.

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Fashionista NOW: Crochet Fashion For Those Who Love Textures

If you love to texturize your outfits, crochet fashion is worth looking into.

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Fashionista NOW: Polka Dot Theme Outfit Ideas For Valentine’s 2012

The V-day is unfolding today right here in Malaysia and if you’re browsing for ideas on the last minute, I highly recommend you to check out these polka dots outfit styles.

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Fashionista NOW: Romantic In Black, V-day 2012 Dress Sense Ideas

For those who love the monochromatic black color, wearing black this Valentine’s Day is definitely not a crime. As a matter of fact, black dresses suit just about anyone and it sure cuts down the hassle of finding the ‘perfect’ color or mix of color(s).

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Fashionista NOW: Valentine’s Day Style Inspiration With Lace And Ruffles

Lace and ruffles are splendid details well suited for a date out on Valentine’s day as they’ve always been analogous to romantic styles.

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Fashionista NOW: Every Shade of Pink Valentine’s Day Fashion Ideas For 2012

When pink is all the rage every Valentine’s, all you’ve got to do while sporting the color is to look like you’ve just been struck by Cupid’s arrow. And get inspired by these fashion-fluent lookbook fashionistas.

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Fashionista NOW: Romantic Dress Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2012

Valentine’s Day 2012 is a peep around the corner and whether we’d like to admit or not, ladies, we want to look good for that someone special on that romantic date.

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