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Fashionista NOW: The Beanie Trend

Beanies or the snugly skull caps have been spotted on heads of celebs for a while now that they’ve become a hip hat trend among the young and fashionable.

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Fashionista NOW: Get Your Plaid On ~ Dresses In Plaid

I remember the sudden enthusiasm over plaids that took over the college habitat here back a few years ago. It was all hipster-ish more than as a statement of rebellion. It was the cool thing to do, wearing plaids, checks or tartan, whichever way you want to call it.

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Fashionista NOW: The Varsity Jacket Trend

Looking for an outerwear trend to contrast with whatever it is you’re wearing to boost some style points? Give varsity jackets a chance to help you out with that.

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Fashionista NOW: The Fringe Fashion Trend ~ Playing With Swinging Textures

Fring-y garbs aren’t only made for Pocahontas wannabees if you know how to wear them well. Bring a fun twist to your daily outfits with a dose of fringe.

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Fashionista NOW: The Simpsons Fashion Inspiration

If you’ve found yourself chuckling while watching The Simpsons’ animated sitcom, you may already find yourself seeing the characters as pretty adorable (and slightly goofy) in their bright yellow skin tone and strange hair-do.

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Fashionista NOW: Fresh & Casual With A Pop Of Green

Thinking of spicing up your casual look with a touch of color? Choose green as that accent color and see how it transforms just about any outfit.

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Fashionista NOW: Batman Fashion Inspiration

If your favorite superhero is Batman and your favorite animal is a bat, there’s all the more reason to stock up your wardrobe with batman-inspired clothes.

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Fashionista NOW: Get The Smart & Fun Look With Blazer & Shorts

Ever tried pairing up shorts with a blazer? If you’re wondering how to smartify outfits with shorts, please read on.

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Fashionista NOW: What To Wear To Brunch?

Are you having a brunch date with your friends this weekend and wondering how not to look like you’ve just pulled whatever that’s within reach from your closet without thinking? Worry not, we’ve got a few looks lined up that will get you ready in style for brunch.

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Fashionista NOW: Quirky Rabbit Prints Fashion Inspiration

Animal prints need not be leopard of zebra all the time. Pick tamer ones like rabbit prints for a quirky look that is adorable than out-there foxy.

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Fashionista NOW: Ladies In Hoodies ~ YOLO Fashion Trend

YOLO! I mean you only live once right? If there’s a piece of clothing that lives and breathes this YOLO meme to the core, it has got to be the hoodie.

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Fashionista NOW: Get Inked Out With Tattoo Tights/Leggings

Tattoos on your leggings? Really? Fans of faux and real tats, you’re going to love this micro trend. Hard core inked up ladies/blokes may hate it though, so please ex out of this window if you’re one of them.

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