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Fashionista NOW: Spooky Chic Halloween Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Natalie Tien

Halloween is upon us! At the stroke of midnight, we’ll be entering spooky territory. Are you excited? Avid halloweeners, we hear you! Click for scary Halloween outfit inspiration, a chance to enter the spookbook Halloween costume contest and a list of KL Halloween events to attend with your fellow spooky friends!

Here’s a round up a few spooky looks that I am in love with. I know, I know: why must it be creepy looks yet again? How overrated is that, you think. I am a fan of getting my creep on especially on a day like Halloween. If not through clothes and makeup, then through a general weirdness.

Scratch that, there is something liberating about dressing up as a rotten corpse when being prim and proper like a living human is all we do every single day of the year. And in the context of a costume party, a disgusting or a menacing-looking wardrobe (if we’re talking about all-out grotesqueness as the highlight) will ease us straight into conversations with people with whom we would not interact minus the deathly garb.

And if a conversation should fail mid-way or even before it starts, just play the role of a maniacal walker mixed with a possessed witch persona and stagger awkwardly away to the opposite direction. Photo-bomb other people’s photos. Oh, how I love Halloween!

Enough of my rant, let’s get to the looks below. Remember to hype them if you like!

snake charmer | Alexandra Ford

With green glittery lips and reptile eyes and some strategically-placed rubber snake toys, Alexandra transforms into a mysterious snake charmer. I adore the gothic aura of her look! Who’d have thought to wear rubber snakes as embellishments and make your outfit pop, eh? A unique way to highlight your hair too.

witchy witch | Jacky Mignon

The fascination with witches will not abide and for a wearable Halloween look, there is a variety of witch outfits to draw your inspiration from HERE. The witchy look by Jacky involves theatrical makeup with black and toxic green shadows, and berry-stained lips. To make sure that your makeup stays longer and comes alive, make sure to prime your skin and lips so they don’t slide off before the night is over.

cyborg | Malin Z.

A haunting cyborg look can be achieved in a jiffy. Make sure to get your hands on a digital-looking eye apparatus. Malin uses theatrical makeup to give the illusion of a punctured flesh at the side of her neck and a robotic hand piece.

classy zombie | Joanna

Joanna’s look is my personal favorite as it teases with contrasting juxtaposition. A freshly peeled, blood-drenched mouth area exposing her teeth and the underlying flesh as she takes a cup of tea in a fancy dress with pearls and fur, right after she’s finished munching on a sushi…a human sushi that is.

Join the spookbook halloween costume contest HERE. Contest rules are listed there and you can enter as many times you like, with the contest ending on November 2, 2014.

Haunting Halloween-inspired art sets to get you in the mood:


| creative set designed by crezenthie


| creative set designed by Peej


| creative set designed by Ludmyla

Silly Witch

| creative set designed by Denise

So Ready for Halloween

| creative set designed by Peej

Looking to go all-out this Halloween but wonder where to celebrate in glorious spookiness? If you’re in KL, check out the top 5 Halloween events that you can attend HERE.

What or who will you be this Halloween? Share below and let us know! :) Happy Halloween everyone: eat, drink and be scary (or not, it’s your say!)

“October proved a riot to the senses and climaxed those giddy last weeks before Halloween.”Keith Donohue

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