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Fashionista NOW: 7 Coolest Ways to Wear Oxford Shoes Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Sofia R.

Excitement doesn’t begin to capture the feeling of knowing that my favorite oxford shoes have been bestowed as one of Autumn’s chicest shoe trend. To learn a bit about the history of the menswear-inspired footwear trend, go HERE. To find out how to wear the oxford flats stylishly, click on.

But first, let me rant just a little bit. Why are fashion mags obsessed with the model off-duty looks? Just the other day, I received yet another email from a magazine subscription telling that I should get myself immediately acquainted with the fool-proof tips on nailing the model off-duty style. Why should I want to although I do understand that it’s a way of showcasing certain fashion trends.

Do other professions dress so shabbily on their off days that only a runway model’s method of dressing deserve to be emulated by the non-model breed? What about teacher off-duty looks or the starving writer off-duty looks? I know, I know – there will be no end to the list. It is just a curious thing to note that we are fed with this idea that style must only descend from the walkers of the ramp (see what I just did there? #TWD Get it? Heh).

Anyway, since flat oxfords are so my fave and since menswear-inspired trends are having a moment in the women’s fashion fraternity and flat shoes are so much coveted this year that even models walk the stage wearing them, let us look below to find stylish ways to wear the oxford shoe trend this season:

oxfords – Modcloth | Jodi Lai

oxford shoes – Samuji | Jenni R.

oxford shoes – Dries Van Noten | Evan L.

oxford shoes – Shoe Embassy | Alexandra G.

thrifted oxfords | Noelle Downing

oxfords – Satinato | Soraya Marx

multicolor oxfords – Jeffrey Campbell | Tomi Sway

MORE outfit ideas with oxford shoes:

Untitled #322

| creative set designed by Intan Aprilia

Oxford Style

| creative set designed by Carolina Oliviero


| creative set designed by aesthetical

"Will you drink hot chocolate with me and pretend to love me?"

| creative set designed by symone-i

Autumn adventures

| creative set designed by Amelie Poulain

Do you like any of the oxford shoe styles shared here? Share below and let us know!

“You’re considered superficial and silly if you are interested in fashion, but I think you can be substantial and still be interested in frivolity.”Sofia Coppola

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10 comments to Fashionista NOW: 7 Coolest Ways to Wear Oxford Shoes Fashion Inspiration

  • Jodi - one-paperdoll

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! I love oxfords and I’ve been lusting after a copper pair from Kate Spade!

  • AHH, I totally agree with your rant! I’m always reading or seeing how fashion magazines either rant or rave about a model’s off-duty look. I don’t see how we have to follow the outfits and “off-duty” trends as the models. It’s really just casual wear, and the magazines are just exaggerating and blowing it all up! If that makes any sense at all, haha. Back on topic, I love oxfords! They’re the shoes that I started out with when I started exploring my style and dressing up for school. I love how incredibly casual and comfortable they are, while giving off a smart vibe to them. I especially love Amelie’s outfit layout because I often coordinate my outfit to my oxford shoe colors! Have a wonderful day! (:

    xx, Diane ||

    • Haha, it does make sense, Diane! Like, are only models capable of dressing sensibly while being stylish on their off days? Thank you for sharing your thoughts sweetness! Amelie’s set is indeed a charmer, I quite like it myself :) xx

  • Carolina Oliviero

    Thank you very much for publishing my set on your blog … I am really honored … thank you very much again

  • Oxford shoes are my all time favorite shoes! I literally wear them with anything; dress, shorts, skirt, and jeans. I love Jenni’s style, how she wear oxford with lace socks, lovely! Thank you for featuring my sets, you’re so kind :)

    • Yay, we share a similar love for oxfords! I really do love how comfy they are and design-wise, a classic that goes with any outfit :) Jenni’s style is super adorable – I agree! Thank you for popping by Intan =) xx

  • Tomi Sway

    So sweet of you to share my photos! Thank you! *muah* – Tomi

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