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The Uniformed Posse : Qila & Eqinz

The Uniformed Posse is an article subtype that can be found only here in FAME CHeRRY, here, we look for the most stylish people in uniform !

This is Qila & Eqinz, the dynamic all star duo ;-)


So whats it like working here helping people choose their shoes ?

(Q) Ok ok lor, can meet all sorts of funny funny people wan

(E) Ya lor lol, funny funny people like you ! haha

lol what ?? Me ?! where got !

(Q) Got ! Come in ask all sort of funny funny question !

(E) *rotfl*

IMG_0274 IMG_0289

lol speaking of which, recently is celebration season, anything you might suggest to our readers what to buy for their boyfriends ?

(Q) Dunno lar, haiyo, how can ask this sort of thing wan ?! Must be special ma

(E) Well .. normally I just buy practical stuff for my boyfriend, I think men prefer stuff that they can use lah, like wallet, shirts etc


lol and what do you hope to receive in return ?

(Q) Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend *wink wink*

(E) hahaha very true, a girl’s next best friend however, is always love and tender care.



Street casual Style

Hair : APT

Makeup : Chanto, Maybeline

Upper : Converse

Lower : Pome, Levis

Shoes : Allstar

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