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People by profession : Clowning

In people by profession we introduce you to life as it is behind various professions in society.

This is ABC DE Clown, we met him during one of his public performances in a well known shopping complex.

ABC DE Clown


Wow what ? Never see clown before arr ?

Haha no lar, just that its been awhile since I last saw one mah

Come la to my shows more often la, that way you mai can see more time lo


Hahaha sure sure, so your name is ABC DE Clown ?

Yea, thats my clown name, my real name is Jordan.

Wahlao why your clown name like so funny funny one ?? I neva heard before in mai life you know ??

You see, clowning is among the most ancient of professions ma, through the centuries its evolve into many types, I am an Auguste clown by profession, we’re the funny ones so naturally our names must be funny lor


Hahaha right right, its quite funny lar. So how does one really become a clown one ar ? Is there like a college where you can go to wan ar ?

Hmm .. there are the most well known clown colleges overseas, I however, learnt my skills locally from my master through an apprenticeship.


Wow, apprenticeship sounds difficult, reminds me of one of those kung fu movies la lolz

Yea it is, to learn clowning is almost the same as kung fu as it is a physical discipline. As a clown we learn balloon tricks, we learn how to work the crowd, dance, how to move as a clown etc. However my masters apprenticeship program is special in a sense that as my set of skills expand, eventually I picked up some fire eating and some basic illusionist skills.

Oh, so under you master’s program, you start out as a clown but as you grow in skill and experience, you end up as a magician ?

Yes, its logical because clowning teaches you the very basics in the performance arts. Besides that it also disciplines you and builds you the character to take up the more challenging job as a magician.


Ah i see i see, interesting, can you tell us about the positive side taking up clowning as a profession ?

Haha where do I start ? hmm .. I make people happy lor, I see people happy I myself oso become happy. To appear before a cheering crowd is one of best feelings ever !

haha no doubt, hmm .. any negative sides to the job ?

hmm .. its a job which require quite strict discipline lor, but over the time Im used to it already. And sometimes some people can be quite negative lor, but hey, cant please everyone right ?


Absolutely, ok final question, anything you’d like to say to our readers out there ?

lol I thought you’d never ask, oey, all of you out there ! Wish you happy times ahead of your lives, ABC DE Clown wishes you all the best !!! Dont worry be happy k ! haha to those of you who are looking for a professional clown for a house party, band parties or any sort of events, just call me up k, my number is 0163321540 !


Professional Clown

Makeup      : Soya ( coz its natural and good for the skin )

Outfit      : Designed by tradition, custom made

Shoes       : Custom made


Pump          – Qualitex ( durable )

Deck of cards – Bicycle, American make ( Smooth, sleek, impressive look )

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