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Velvet Stardust : Evangel


Personal Flair : Youth, Spontaneous Personality, Talents for Musical Instruments & Bright Smile

Current Mood : Pink melancholia

Confidence Tools – Piano, Taekwondo ( Black belt ^_^ ) , Drawing


Hello, my name is Evangel and I’m turning 20 this year.

I have a cute face and rabbit teeth, that is why I’m currently wearing braces. They will be off my teeth in early February, as promised by my personal orthodontist.

And then I would own my first ever straight and beautiful teeth like Katy Perry! So looking forward to it XD

I’m always passionate, fun loving and determined to achieve my dreams.

I’m talented in arts, music and drawing, such as musical instruments (piano), and composing as well.

I always love the joy of posing in front of the camera, giving performance and receive applause under the spotlight.


Personal History

20 Year Old Girl from Bentong, Pahang

Born on 15th December ( Sagittarius )

Just came to Kuala Lumpur, working a job, realized reality of living.

While working, is waiting from approval from university to study music.



Feel different from others, like to take the road less taken

Admires people who have talent

Happiest when being loved

Saddest when being alone

Always offer to make time for friends

Very kind to the people around her

Considerate when it comes to emotions

Friends know how she feels even through she mask it on occassion

Has own thinking and own ideas but has moments shadowed by self doubt




Looks up to artists who can write and perform

Can play piano ( 16 years of experience ), like to learn jazz, learned Err Hu by herself

Wants to master performance guitar, harmonica, flute, err hu

Feel bored when play old song, or even pop songs so decide to write own song instead

During song writing, inspiration come naturally, direction comes along with the flow



Likes to draw to show off

Likes to draw unconventional pictures



Wants to be a performer and a composer

Knows that if wait till finish after degree then its too late already so must start now

Plan to make more opportunity by learning instruments which can get her into orchestra

Wants to build own musical brand, own brand of musical team

Hopes to achieve all of this by 26


In 5 Years

Would have known the right people at the right places who can help her develop further and find her next step after building her basic.

Measures own progress through competitions



Dream Manifestation




Hair Concept


The wavy hair texture matches the musical waves which permeates Evangel’s person.

We feel that the instrument, the musician and the music all coexist with each other, hence we chose a form which gives an outlook which brings harmony between her profession and personal life.


Make-Up Concept


I have chosen the tools and color to express more of everything in this work. Its an amplification of dimension, aura and charm.

On her eyes I have used different techniques, combined colors and form to draw specific attention to Evangel’s eyes.

Our eyes are after all, the windows to our souls ;-)








Make-Up Concept


Eugene Pao specializes in natural makeup which preserves personality and highlights the unique outlook that each and every person possesses.


Hair Concept


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Words of Wisdom from the three Photo Musketeers

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Chye : We touch the people around us with our passion and creativity.

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Velvet Stardust is about the spectrum of emotions which exist within this connection between our fates and our dreams.

We hope to express the reality of living revolving around all elements of individuality plus a glimpse of fantasy.

Here, with our methods, we hope to scrutinize the threads of fate, its origin and where it may lead.

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