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Epicpictures – from Hong Kong with Love


After few months down the road, started approaching and approached by models from Hong Kong to do a pieces on TF basis.
The above is Nadya Lam, a friendly, humble and willing to go great lengths to help model. Great friend. She done numerous advertising materials for in the HK market. Did a few pieces of her and will continue to do so for as long Epicpictures is in existent :)

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Danny T Digital Art ~ Ebony & Ivory

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Els – Fleur Baudelaire ~ Lake Story


The shoot took place in the beautiful Taman Tasik Prima of Puchong. The concept of the shoot was to illustrate a girl, featuring model Faranak Ansari, who lives by the lake, telling the changes in her surroundings and her inner world as she goes through different ages.
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Velvet Stardust : Evangel


Personal Flair : Youth, Spontaneous Personality, Talents for Musical Instruments & Bright Smile

Current Mood : Pink melancholia

Confidence Tools – Piano, Taekwondo ( Black belt ^_^ ) , Drawing

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Lim Photography ~ December Santarina-chan


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I AM FAME : CNY 1970’s & 21st Century Contrast Shootout


Once Upon A Time ~

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Ecarus Dreamworks ~ CNY 1970’s & Today


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I AM FAME : Chinese New Year 70’s Flashback ( Intro )

lean back

In Chinese New Year 70’s flashback, we attempt to recreate the look and feel of what Chinese New Year must have been like during the 1970’s.

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