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epicpictures: been a while since the last…

Been a while since the last post, which was done before CNY 2012,

Things been up and down, plan to start a project which ports the design to another medium. Faced plenty of obstacles, still on hold but it is getting there soon. I guess some might have known what this project i

CHÉRI : Don’t Don’t Don’t Give Up ~ Taylor Yap

Flair : Curve, Vitality, Youth

Personal Motto : Don’t Don’t Don’t Give Up

CHÉRI : Don’t Look At The Flaws Of Another ~ Rachel Chai

Flair : Youth, Adaptive, Smile

Personal Motto : Don’t Look At The Flaws Of Another

CHÉRI : Be The Perfect One ~ Jean Hwang

Flair : Go Getter, Bright Smile, Adept

Personal Motto : Be The Perfect One  

Second Wind : Calista Leah Liew as Quanta

Quanta symbolizes man’s mastery of his environment through technology, she also symbolizes the contradictory interests of humanity.  

CHÉROKEE ~ Rock Chua


Flair : Musician Soul