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Fashionista NOW: Why Are Pom Poms In Fashion Now?

Credit | Anna Mour

Pom pom’s entrance into the fashion scene is curiously mind-boggling, at least to me. I’ve seen pops of pom pom on top of knit beanies but since I’m where the sun shines all year long, it just doesn’t enter my personal wardrobe equation. Because extra fluff isn’t needed when El Nino is threatening my sanity.

Since we’re talking about fashion in general and not my questionable fashion sense, I’m feeling the love that’s growing for pom poms is getting pretty real this year and can be easily pinpointed to how unexpected, fun and fluffy their presence can add to a look.

When I think of pom poms, my minds goes straight to the football field but those pom poms cheerleaders throw up in the air carries no fashion appeal. I mean who wants to carry those around for the fun of it. So, since fashion decided to befriend pom poms, they are now seen as decorative feature that sits on top of hats, bags, clothing and even shoes. You may view them as an accessory for the young as I sometimes do, but they’ve been given a more sedated transformation that even grown adults have trouble saying no to.

Check out how pom poms recently make an appearance in outfits worn by fashion bloggers down below:

Pom Pom Beanie Hat

| Sarah

Pom Pom Sweater

| Kseniya Celikdelen

Pom Pom Keychains

| Joanna L.

| Schwarzer Samt

How do you wear your pom poms? On the head? As an accent on your bag? Share below – I love reading your thoughts and want to know new exciting ways you make your pom poms stand out from the rest!

My mother worshipped at the alter of accessories and I got the bug. She always said, if you have a good, little, simple black dress and you have different accessories, you can have 27 different outfits.Iris Apfel

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