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Fashionista NOW: What Do You Say To d’Orsay, Shoeaholics?

What Do You Say To d'Orsay, Shoeaholics?

Now that I’ve finally come to know the proper name of the flat shoe style I’ve been so very into, it’s about time I dedicate a post on this charming d’Orsay shoe trend.

You might have actually been wearing this shoe style since forever without knowing its origin or name, like me – that’s okay. The d’Orsay shoe is defined as a shoe style with its vamp cut away on the sides, exposing the arch and the side of your foot.

The heels may be high or low but the trademark look of the shoe is of a closed-heel back and toe though the room for footwear design experimentation has evolved to include a peep-toe or an ankle strap. It used to be that only men wore the d’Orsay back in the 19th century. Count Alfred d’Orsay was the one who introduced the practical footwear design to accommodate the wider feet that the French military soldiers were blessed with.

Fastforward to today, the only battle any lady is about to face while her feet snug in her d’Orsay is of the mental kind – Shall I purchase another pair of these delightful flats in leopard or shall I not?

Anyway, some d’Orsay shoes carry a hidden elastic that sits at the back of the heel and if you’ve spotted this and wonder why it is there, note that the purpose of the elastic is to help secure your foot to the shoe. This design is especially most helpful for women who have narrow heels. Nothing’s worse than having your shoes slipping off of your feet as you’re walking, right?

If you are like me blessed with feet that are comfy in flats, then you will be stoked to know that the d’Orsay flat shoes can actually be your go-to dressy footwear to pair with your casual and semi-formal outfits, as long as you choose the right ones. I understand that some of you may love the extra height a wedged or a heeled shoe can offer but for those who are all about comfy flats, I strongly recommend wearing the d’Orsay flat shoe. For ladies who are fond of a bit of a lift because thinking on their feet while in flats is impossible — rejoice, because the d’Orsay shoe style also come in a heeled form!

For the love that I have for the flat variety, I present to you 7 pretty chic d’Orsay flats you may want to treat your feet with this season. Enjoy!


So, what do you say to these d’Orsay flats? I say, yay! Share your thoughts below – I’d so want to know!

“I really admire a woman for her intelligence, her personality. Beauty is not enough.”Roberto Cavalli

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