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Fashionista NOW: Wear Beige Pants For Low-Key Chic Vibes

Wear Beige Pants For Low-Key Chic Vibes

Sometimes, the act of stripping down your wardrobe to neutral barely-there colors can really stamp a new mood about it and if you’re about minimalistic styles, then you’ll be so down for pants that come in shades of beige.

Since I embrace wearing looks that are neutral with a splash of print and color every now and then, I’ve become appreciative of fuss-free outfit styles that center on the neutrals. Beige is one of them and this shade of beige for some reason is also referred to as ‘khaki’ but I’d be more comfortable calling it earthy cream as it’s not exactly on the green scale but it’s not utterly brown. I don’t know for sure but this can be totally ignored. Sand, yup, that would be perfect. Or pale camel? Okay, I’ll stop.

Anyway, if you’re wondering where to snatch a pair of pants in beige here in Malaysia, you’re in luck as I’ve gathered 5 of the more appealing ones, cut in silhouettes I adore and can be worn with a billion outfits. Exaggeration aside, do enjoy the beige pants’ selection below!


Beige Ankle Grazer Trousers


| shop here


Beige Waist Buckle Cropped Pants


| shop here


Creamy Beige Textured Wide Leg Trousers


| shop here


Pale Beige Cigarette Pants


| shop here


Beige Button Culottes


| shop here


Which beige pants would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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