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Fashionista NOW: Colored Midi Pleated Skirt Ideas And Ways To Wear Them

Make pleated midi skirts a part of your wardrobe this season. Welcome them in solid chunk of colors aside from the must-have monochromatic black and white variations.

A pop of color that is your favorite can be just what you need to allow some spark back into your daily repertoire if you’ve been seriously taking the non-color route like a fanatic minimalist fashionista.

Pleated skirts have something about them that exude a ladylike charm and classic femininity. Whether the pleats are narrow or relatively wide and arranged vertically or in a mix format, you can be sure that they will add a bold statement to your look.

If keeping it minimalist is your go-to style game, pick pleated skirts in blush pink or neutral grey with a touch of metallic and style with a casual tee or blouse. Depending on the skirt and top style, you can wear your top tucked in or leave it un-tucked. I’m a fan of the mix pairing of a casual tee and pleated skirt to offset the dressiness of the latter.

For more various style options on how to best wear your colored pleated midi skirt, kindly eyeball the looks we’ve curated below and enjoy!

How To Wear Colored Midi Pleated Skirts?

Metallic Grey Pleated Skirt

| FromAmandaWithLove

Forest Green Pleated Skirt


Blush Pink Pleated Skirt

| Alina Ermilova

Dark Blue Pleated Skirt

| Jenn Lake

Burgundy Pleated Skirt

| Mariel Cornel

Electric Blue Pleated Skirt

| Zalina Rosli

Which look is your favorite? Would you wear midi pleated skirts? And in what color and style? Share below – I’d love to know your thoughts!

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