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Fashionista NOW: Square Stud Earrings For Geometric Jewelry Lovers

Square Stud Earrings For Geometric Jewelry Lovers

You know what would pop on your round-ish earlobes? Squares! Check out these stunning minimalist square stud earrings.

Geometric shapes in the jewelry scene are quite popular these few years and I personally am quite a huge fan of the simple minimalist theme. I recently got this beautiful pair of triangle earrings from ETSY and cannot get over the triangular shape. But of course, I’m into squares as well.

And that had me checking out for some square-themed stud earrings to see what’s out there in terms of designs. With stud earrings, you can never go wrong as they’re just going to sit on your earlobes. But my advice when purchasing earrings of this type online, be sure to know the size (after taking care that they’re made in materials you’re not allergic to) so you know how they will sit on your lobes. With handmade jewelry made by Etsy creators from across the globe, you also have the choice to find out if they come in a range of sizes or that they’re customizable.

Also, I realize with a purchase that can transfer from long distances, you may want to find out if the jewelry you have ordered is packaged securely so you’ll be spared from receiving bent or damaged bling bling – which I had experienced recently.

Without further ado, let us look at SEVEN square stud earring styles that you can adorn your ears with this season if you’re still into the geometric jewelry trend.


Black Geometric Square Stud Earrings


| 360Jewels


Dainty Square Stud Earrings


| OtisJaxon


Gold + Black Polymer Square Stud Earrings


| Eternity31


Marble Square Stud Earrings


| heyjuneshop


Minimalist Hollow Square Stud Earrings


| MelangeGalerie


Wood Square Stud Earrings


| coolNaturalJewelry


Silver Petite Dome Square Stud Earrings


| bluehourdesigns


Which square stud earrings would you wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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