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Fashionista NOW: 7 Chic Ways To Wear A Plaid Mini Skirt?

Credit | Iliana K.

To the girls who want to make a statement with their plaid mini skirts in cold weather, here’s a style guide to aid you in your journey to looking your best in them.

I keep returning to plaid (or tartan, you can call it by your preferred term) and this post is dedicated to deciphering the style codes of the plaid mini skirt with the help of 7 fashionistas who have been wearing theirs just recently.

But first, I’m sure you’ve eyeballed Iliana’s so beyond basic outfit rendition above and don’t you just love the low-key grunge factor it has got going on.

Now, let us all eyeball how the rest do their plaid mini skirts, now, shall we?

You Can Do Plaid Mini Skirt In Cold Weather – Employ Layering + Insulating Fabric

| Hannah Louise

Who says you can’t wear a short skirt when it’s bone-chilling outside. Just cleverly employ your coziest turtleneck, sexy fuzzy coat and ankle boots together with your plaid skirt.

Pink + Black Color Scheme

| Amelia Breading

Love pink? Make it work into a bubblegum grunge sort of getup like this and do a bit of a print mixing with stripes.

Monochrome Black + White Style

| Florencia R.

This look is a no-brainer for those obsessed with the black and white and all the shades that exist in between the two.

Grunge Chic

| Waters Riley

If you’re just about plain clueless on what to exactly wear with your mini plaid skirt – just simply take it into the grunge territory. Keep it contemporary with clean lines and a neutral color scheme.

Slouchy + Sporty

| Yaneetch Y.

This is a modern take to wearing a mini plaid skirt that errs on the side of sporty and stylishly slouchy.

Feminine + Ladylike

| Sasa Zoe

This cold weather ensemble is made up of a roomy sweater that’s tucked into a lil’ plaid skirt, tights and tall boots. The furry bag and the teal scarf add warmth while completing the whole look with a pop of texture and color.

Which looks do you like best? Share below!

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