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Fashionista NOW: 10 Chic An Easy Ways To Wear A Blanket Scarf

Credit | Khira G.

Blanket scarves seem like a pretty easy item to wear. However, there are so many variations of them you don’t know about yet.

This season you should learn a thing or two about how to style blanket scarves. For those of you who may find this term a little bit alien, a blanket scarf refers to the giant version of a scarf that is so big that it can even be used as a blanket.

They are warm, cozy and comfortable, and can be a super stylish fashion trend. If you don’t have one yet, look through the Kohl’s offer where you can shop at even lower prices thanks to Discountrue coupon codes.

As for now, check out some of our tips on the many ways you can style it perfectly below:

| Konstantina Antoniadou

Simply throw your blanket scarf around the neck, leaving its ends hanging down your shoulders, and then belt it. This makes it look as if you are wearing a vest or a sweater.

| Agnes W.

Loop your blanket scarf around the neck a few times to leave a fairly big part of material and two ends hanging down the shoulders. This matches very well with a sweatshirt plus rain boots.

| Kimchi

Create a makeshift infinity scarf by simply tying two ends of your blanket scarf together and hanging it down your chest from the neck using the tied ends.

| Inna’s Corner

Just drop your huge scarf over your shoulders to wear it as a poncho. However, in case there is too much fabric left over, you can just tie its ends into a braid-like formation.

| Alexandra G.

Own your blanket scarf by wearing it looped around the neck and adding glam accessories such as a fur vest, big sunglasses and heels to look more dressed up, stylish and cute.

| Sasa Zoe

Simply wear your huge blanket scarf as a cape and ooze chic vibes.

| Vivian L.

Another very simple but stylish way of wearing your blanket scarf is to just leave it hanging down your shoulders casually, for instance over a sweater.

| Angelina

Wrap your blanket scarf around your upper body like you would a real blanket so that it looks like a poncho.

| Pam Hetlinger

Drape your huge scarf over your shoulders, and then tie two ends at the front of your neck such that it turns into a cape or simply belt it in.

| Tania H.

Simply fold your blanket scarf around your neck to form a shawl. There are various ways you can do this to make your scarf into a shawl appearance of your choice.

| Alexandra G.

Finally, if you want to get rid of your scarf’s loose ends after looping or draping it over your shoulders, in addition to belting and braiding it, you could also just tuck them in.

How do you like styling your blanket scarf? Like any of the blanket scarf styles shown here? Share below – I’d love to know!

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