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Fashionista NOW: Don’t Be Fooled By The Monsoon Sun, Wear Grey Sweaters

Credit | Jenaly Enns

The monsoon sun isn’t to be trusted, at all. Read why that is so and find out how to wear grey sweaters as temps fall.

It’s not just a sweater weather at the moment, it is also a very much grey sweater weather one.

I was tricked by the uncharacteristically shiny sun one evening thinking that it would also be bright, sunny and warm in town. I made the mistake yet again. I was clad in my thinnest off-white slouchy tee tucked into my black and white harem pants. A pair of oxfords that I slipped my feet into saved the poor feet from being soaked in the pour but because the wind had a test for me, it was epically strong at the start of the nuisance of a pour just when I was crossing the street, my pants were spared from the protection of the useless umbrella.

It was as though I stepped into a pool of water waist-down for fun and when I tried to shake myself off inside the mall, the A.C. which I thought would be awesome temperature-reducer if it was actually sunny out, turned me into an human-shaped ice cube.

Anyway, that’s the story of me being tricked once again by Mr Sun and after that day, I made it a point to wear at least a bloody sweater on top when I decide to go loose and relaxed down below, which I actually did today! I work my long sleeve grey sweater like a genius with my harem pants and so get the best of both worlds, warm on top, cool down below, freeing my toes this time in a pair of birkenstock-type of sandals.

For those of you who own grey sweaters but for some reason feel like they’re just so predictable to slip your cold body into that they cease to become that much of a fashion piece, I suggest you to reconsider the thought after eyeballing the looks below!

How To Wear Grey Sweaters And Not Look Boring?

| Marijana M.

| Linh Niller

| Marta Caban

| Paige A.

| Greta I.

| Sylwia Gocajna

| Ana Maria Oprea

Have you ever been caught in a volatile rain clad in an outfit for sunny weather? How does it feel and what did you do during and after the unpredictable weather ambush? Did you cry? I hope not! Do you like grey sweaters? How do you style yours? Delight us with your thoughts down below!

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