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Fashionista NOW: Christmas Holiday Gift Idea ~ Personalized Portrait Artwork

Christmas Holiday Gift Idea ~ Personalized Portrait Artwork

A Christmas holiday gift idea: Personalized portrait artwork. Find our favorite personalized portrait of family members, couples, besties and pet cats. From photo to painting, here’s a custom portrait gift list to warm the hearts of your loved ones.

The season to be jolly is upon us. To show your love, appreciation and care, one of the easiest things to do is to give the gift or being there in person with your loved ones, spoiling them with your attention. Another way to express your love is by surprising them with something tangible and most importantly, thoughtful, which comes in a form of a personalized portrait artwork.

There’s that quote by Henry Van Dyke that says, it’s not the gift but the thought that counts, that keeps echoing in my mind as I pen down this post. One on hand, there is the feeling that the quote is like a nudge to be thankful anyway even when someone gives you a really bad gift.

On another, you feel like you could almost use it to justify giving someone a less-than-thoughtful gift yourself, because you reason that ultimately, it is your intention that matters. But what is this intention then? When you watch your loved one unwrap a gift of a collection of old pens you’ve had awhile gathering dust somewhere in the corner of your home, what exactly is the thought that goes into this? Even if the receiver of the gift may never know about it or is just elated, surely you, yourself will know that it could have been a better gift.

I think a balance between being completely extravagantly materialistic and utterly thoughtless/indifferent can be achieved. I believe in the powerful act of giving a thoughtful gift (of course, only if you are able) to someone you love to show that you actually take the time out your hectic schedule to pause and think about them and what they would really like and appreciate.

For those who are thinking of giving a tangible gift which is not only thoughtful but a universally-loved one, I highly suggest getting a personalized portrait artwork of them and the family, best friends, or their furry pet(s).

With a click of a button and a short message, you can land yourself a talented artist to get the job done. From a piece of photo of your loved one(s), to a delightful illustration made digitally or by hand, the perfect personalized portrait artwork can be had at the most affordable of prices.

Check out our roundup of 7 eye-catching Christmas-worthy portrait artwork gift ideas that may hopefully be a source of inspiration to you.

What other Christmas holiday gift trends would you like to see? Share below – we’d love to know!

“The best portraits are those in which there is a slight mixture of caricature.”Thomas B. Macaulay

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