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Fashionista NOW: Vintage Boho Brown Leather Bag Styles With Floral Work

A bohemian bag style that’s hard to resist.

I’ve taken a liking over this specific style in bags since ages and just recently, I found out that they are of the 60s to the 70s hippie purse or bag variety. Modern interpretations of the floral leather bag can be seen on Free People but if you’re into the authentic hippie bags that originate from the past era then you will enjoy this list.

With the floral embroidery trend taking over the fashion scene, these bags with their floral work stamped over the leather have that similar appeal as foliage crawling the edge and over the bag lends an eye-catching detail that is very bohemian. Over rustic brown leather canvas soften and distressed with time, the colored petals enliven the worn look of these vintage saddle bags. The shape of the bag itself is a personal favorite as I find it most easy to carry and quite aesthetically-attractive.

As the cooler season takes shape, these bags would be fitting for outfits that are earthy in hues. Or if you simply want to add a touch of carefree bohemian feel into your modern day outfit, they will do too.

For a peek at the beautiful vintage boho saddle bags, simply eyeball away and enjoy!


70s Boho Hippie Floral Leather Purse


| ENVIAfashion


Vintage 70s Boho Floral Leather Bag


| LumeAdoreVintage


70s Hand Tooled Leather Boho Bag


| CindysPrairieOutpost


70s Vintage Floral Tooled Leather Bag


| ENVIAfashion


Brown Vintage Leather Floral Saddle Bag


| mimileather


Distressed Hippie Leather Floral Bag


| ENVIAfashion


Which vintage floral leather bag would you love to hang over your shoulder? Share below – I’d love to know!

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