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Fashionista NOW: 7 Turquoise Jewelry Ideas For Pops Of Cool Sea Blue

7 Turquoise Jewelry Ideas For Pops Of Cool Sea Blue

SEVEN turquoise jewelry ideas to accompany your outfit.

Turquoise is a jewelry’s favorite color you’d expect to pop up yearly without fail as it’s just an easy go-to color for accenting your wardrobe come spring or summer. Its energetic and also tranquil vibe lends for a certain appeal to those of even the littlest inclination to wear color in their wardrobe.

Even if you dress monochrome or monotonous in shades of brown and beige, you can count on turquoise jewelry in the intensity you most prefer to enliven your low-key garb with an unexpected twist at a sprinkle you’re most comfortable with. I have a liking for turquoise for it reminds me of the ocean in some parts of the world where the clear blue makes you feel like you’ve arrived in some out-of-the-world paradise.

Seeing turquoise while I trawled Etsy for my regular dose of jewelry inspo got me excited again about it and has inspired me to share with you a list of 7 gorgeous accent pieces to satiate your love for the cool hue this season. Enjoy!


Pops Of Turquoise : Jewelry Inspiration


Natural Turquoise Hexagon Stud Earrings


| HalfMoonFusion


Red, White + Turquoise Mandala Choker


| StoriesOnceTold


Turquoise Charm Bracelet


| AnniDesignsllc


Turquoise Copper Ear Jacket Earrings


| byKJones


Turquoise Statement Ring


| TinyBox12


Turquoise Stone Spike Necklace


| BohemianJewelryShop


Turquoise Angel Wing Necklace


| TheSilverStones


Which turquoise bling bling is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

“If you do not yet know where you fit, I suggest you try seeking it in receptive silence. I used to walk amid the beauties of nature, just receptive and silent, and wonderful insights would come to me.”Peace Pilgrim

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