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Fashionista NOW: The Underdog Of All Stripes ~ Would You Wear It?

Credit | Imvely Imjihyun

Why bother, you ask? Because the world needs a spruce up when it comes to stripes.

When stripes are mentioned, most people will think of the black and white variety that they hoard proudly in their closet. It’s like if you do not own at least 7 plain striped tops of various designs, the whole world stops because you clearly need an intervention. Is there anything wrong with you? Don’t you love stripes of the predictable yet universally-reliable and versatile kind? Now, everyone will think you’re not just a bit, but properly off because only the wardrobe of serial killers are completely devoid of stripes, right? Unless they’re caught and then, they’d be wearing stripes for life.

Anyway, I saw my beautiful BAE, Selena Gomez the other day and couldn’t understand why she opted for such a bizarre-looking wide-legged pants with chunky intersecting stripes that sat like goofy patches across the thigh region. The block of stripes were distracting to my eye but it made me ponder why I endured such a strong visual discomfort when Miss Gomez was such a cutie.

To keep sane, I went on on faux research mode scouring the internet for atypical stripe styles that isn’t exactly too out there like what Selena wore and well, I spotted a few while on Lookbook as the rest of the world have completely sold their souls to the black and white iteration.

Interestingly, while the more colorful ones are there, donned by fashion bloggers who love the look of the 70s psychedelic vibrant interpretation, the others who aren’t wearing the mother of your go-to stripes had on this distinct stripey style of tops with lines of red, deep blue and grey incorporated together.

And so, I’ve gathered 7 gals who have the style credentials to show that you can opt for the underdog striped look and stun your fellow friends, enemies and stalkers with your knack at breathing new life into what could have gathered dust in the back of your granny’s closet…

So ladies and lads, give the B&W stripes a rest; find yourself new or old striped tops that carry a peek of red, grey and blue amidst the non-colors! Enjoy!

| Berilla B.

| Rosa

| Leonie Hanne

| SaeA Eom

| Cristina Blanco

| Claire Liu

Remember when it was cool to be apologetically unique and at odds with your peers? No? Was it just me, then?

Fun fact about me: I wore a lot of appallingly-mismatched pieces in the past (that did not look cute at all in retrospect) that the act of looking through old photo albums is like watching a stomach-churning horror film. I’ve hidden the ugliest most-embarrassing photos far away in the deep corner of the… wait, I’m not telling you!

Would you wear the striped looks above? Do you already own this style of stripes? Delight me with your thoughts below!

“Question everything. Every stripe, every star, every word spoken. Everything.”Ernest Gaines

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