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Fashionista NOW: The Allure Of Grey Minimalism Jewelry Inspiration

The Allure Of Grey Minimalism Jewelry Inspiration

Our jewelry inspo piece takes the grey fashion fever into the next level. Desert Sage and Stormy Weather are variations of grey you want your jewelry to be all about this Autumn, according to Pantone.

Grey as a non-color color has seen its stay solidified in the minds of minimalist monochromatic dressers but little have been said of grey colored accessories in the form of sparkly jewelry that can be perfectly complementary to these color-averse wardrobe styling that maximizes usage of clean and relaxed lines and silhouettes. While black colored gems have made an appearance in my previous jewelry post, this time, it is the grey-inspired ones that will take center stage.

I had been a wearer of black earrings, necklaces, wristbands and even edgy oxidized rings in my early twenties and never once did I ever notice the appeal or acknowledge the much subdued, and diluted black counterpart. With the rise of the grey fashion trend that worships this lack of color in everything from clothes, shoes to hair color, I love that the characteristic of grey which would have been considered dull many years back is now being reinterpreted and remixed to new horizons.

In the jewelry scene, grey calls jewel-makers to draw deep within their pool of creativity and experiment by marrying it with other metals, gemstones and fabrics by either complementing it with another color (or mix of colors) or simply letting the focus fall solely on grey. A moonstone is a grey gem stone that is pretty well known but there are other gemstone variety as well and they include hematite, black pearl, drusy, star sapphire and agate, just to name a few.

Although grey is a symbolic color of sorrow, mourning, hopelessness and depression, it is also associated with impartiality and objectivity that are hinged on a neutral stance. Grey is never only a mixture of black and white as it also carries a mix of blue, green, pink, beige and mauve. For those who are already loving the basic grey looks inspired by the less-is-more, cozy-is-snazzy normcore minimalism, you will certainly find the grey-centered selection of jewelry below appealing (as I do too!). Enjoy!

Bling To Help You Go GREY All The Way!


PennerPearls | charcoal grey pearl bracelet



JessicaLuuJewelry | dark grey pearl ring



LittleGemsByLuisa | grey charcoal hematite bracelet



starletta | grey gemstone pendant necklace



elfinadesign | metallic grey heart necklace



petiteVanilla | silver grey stardust stud earrings



biesge | silver grey stud earrings



MinimalistMagnolia | smokey grey gemstone bead ring


Fun fact about me: I love all kinds of lentils and will gladly devour them daily in a dhal curry type of dish along with fragrant fluffy white rice. YUM!

Which grey bling do you like best? How would you style your grey jewelry? Share below – I so want to know!

There’s so much grey to every story – nothing is so black and white.Lisa Ling

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