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Fashionista NOW: 5 Style Elements Worth Investing Your Every Cent

Not everyone has a limitless fund. And so, shopping smart is key. We show 5 basic wardrobe elements that should be in a certified fashionista’s closet.

Investing in high quality wardrobe staples can be expensive but not with the solutions available for you to use.

One of the ways to do that is by utilizing online coupons, and especially these Target’s discount codes from Chameleonjohn.

With these miracle makers, you can shop without breaking your budget. So, what are the basic style elements worth investing in?

Answers below:

High heels

| Silver Girl

Classic high-heels wonderfully enhance the beauty of your feet and can become the primary focus of the whole outfit as well, from which it will be impossible to distract the eye. High quality and comfortable heels are also a sign of grace and finesse. They should be worth investing in.

Style specialists and many fashionistas agree that you can choose heels in various colors from black to bright red. They can be made to match the outfit you wear perfectly.

Handbag for daily usage

| Ina Nuvo

Choose a durable, classic and stylish handbag that can accommodate all your belongings wherever you go – from the supermarket to brunch. A beautiful, high-quality handbag is definitely worth investing in as it’s where you place all your vital stuff.

Choose darker colors such as brown, dark blue or black, or invest in a more fun pattern which will also be a great eye-catching style element too. But remember, that in this case, putting the whole outfit together and styling it around the bag might take some skills.

The classic jacket

| Taja F.

Classically-cut jacket looks great in all shades of blue, royal black, gray or other colors, which usually prevail in your wardrobe. Jacket generally completes, frames image and style of your choice, so feel free to match it to the jeans or other classic outfits equally.

Look to the quality of the jacket. Both from materials used and the cut stand-pint – a high-quality piece will be your BFF for long since it will weather the all the wear and tear and still look amazing.

Black dress

| Hannah N.

A black dress is another versatile number that can be adapted to any situation, simply by changing accessories, jewelry, shoes and makeup. A lovely black dress can work, for example, in one case, to shine at the party, and the other – to look good at work. The LBD is a garment worth your every cent.

Therefore, don’t be afraid to get a stunning black dress made out of high-quality textile, that perfectly frames your body shape. With a dress like that – you will always feel like a million bucks.

White shirt

| Chennie Montero

It is a fundamental element which just has to find a place in your closet. With it, you will always look well-dressed and stylish.

High-quality and neatly-designed shirt creates a fresh and impressive look, looks elegant, and gives self-confidence. You can combine it with different bottoms – pencil skirt, classic trousers or jeans and you bet, it will work.

It is also worth mentioning that baby blue colored shirts also look amazingly well as a staple and something to consider when looking for versatile shirts.

When you shop for an item, check the following:

• The edges should be smooth, threads not visible (if not explicitly conceived as a model), and should perfectly fit your figure;
• Choose items with quality materials – silk, cashmere, wool;
• Give priority to the classics, which is in vogue for decades.

**This post is creatively written by Michelle, edited by me.

It is far better to grasp the universe as it really is than to persist in delusion, however satisfying and reassuring. Carl Sagan

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