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Fashionista NOW: The Star Earrings For Festive Statement Ears

The Star Earrings For Festive Statement Ears

Credit | Westcoastbysara

Love staring at the star-studded night sky? Take the stars closer to you by letting your ears sparkle with these mesmerizing starry earrings!

Stars as pendants on earrings are one of the most popular kinds you’ve seen and that you might have worn yourself. With a lot of demands and love for the signature shape, creative lines are pushed and sometimes, you will stumble upon star earrings that just get you excited all over again.

Wondering what unique star earrings are out there for the taking at this moment? Well, relax because I’ve got a list compiled just for you and your ear lobes.



Oversized Edgy Star Stud Earrings


Fashionista NOW: The Star Earrings For Festive Statement Ears


| RachelPfefferDesigns

A must-have for a truly eye-catching lobes!


Double Star Dangle Earrings




| Westcoastbysara

The power of dangling stars for a romantic look.


Double Star Stud Earrings




| TalesInGold

My favorite kind – a minimalist stud with two connected stars!


Black Statement Star Earrings




| ByIzabela (**please check with shop on availability)

A bold option that will have everyone complimenting your choice. You could consider the alternative: a pair of statement black star earrings with fine glitter.


Star Chain Hoop Earrings




| ValkyriesSong

A star hanging on a knotted chain hoop for the bohemian fashionista.


Whimsical Star Dangle Earrings




| TigerFlowerJewelry

Smalls stars over a big star – How can anyone resist?


Stars on Circle Earrings




| Westcoastbysara

An alluring ear lobe is what you get when you wear this!


Which star earrings have got you inspired? Share below – I’d love to know.

“Follow your inner moonlight; don’t hide the madness.”Allen Ginsberg

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