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Fashionista NOW: Sporty Baju Melayu For Men To Wear For Raya 2016

Sporty Baju Melayu For Men To Wear For Raya 2016

Men: If athleisure is your style game, then these baju melayu iterations are a must-have for Raya 2016 and other occasions.

The baju melayu is a traditional wear worn by Malay men and during Hari Raya Puasa, it makes a feature as one of the go-to formal party staple for men. Its loose silhouette is a signature and a statement sampin is worn together with it. With bouts of mad hot temps, it’s only practical to stay away from the heat-trapping fabric that some traditional baju melayu are made of. Modern Malaysian men sometimes prefer wearing the baju melayu top casually with breathable jeans minus the sampin, incurring the wrath of their beloved partners.

Ever since the Hipster baju melayu style triggered a major fashion drama thanks to the creative genius of our local designer Zery Zamry who dared to push the traditional box for men’s Raya attire, it’s as though the rest of Malaysia’s creative clothing makers are all conspiring to take it up a notch with their experimentation. I find that it’s awesome! There is something so refreshing about injecting modern elements into the traditional wear and that is exactly what captured my attention when I spotted the latest baju melayu collection from 24:01 clothing brand.

Men, if you’re thinking of keeping it contemporary while wearing a traditional wear and remaining within budgetary lines, the Raya collection from 24:01 is your answer.

With sporty designs that are also minimalistic in flavor, the baju melayu selection is an immensely drool-worthy affair – And I’m not even a man.

Don’t take my word for it until you eyeball them yourself, down below.

Baju Melayu With Athleisure Vibes


Colorblocker : Black Grey Baju Melayu


? | shop here


Black White Sporty Baju Melayu

Fashionista NOW: Sporty Baju Melayu For Men To Wear For Raya 2016

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Colorblock Rib Collar Baju Melayu


? | shop here


Pair With : Black Drawstring Pants


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Dark Grey Baju Melayu


? | shop here


Pair With : Dark Grey Drawstring Pants


? | shop here


Dusty Green Baju Melayu


? | shop here


Pair With : Dusty Green Drawstring Pants


? | shop here


Ladies: Surprise your man with something he might just be glad to wear this Raya if he’s already into the athleisure fashion trend. Guys: What are you waiting for? Shop these before they run out because you know they will.



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