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Fashionista NOW: Split Your Pants? Wear Them As It Is A Hot Fashion Trend

Split Your Pants? Wear Them As It Is A Hot Fashion Trend

Splits are IT. I felt so proud typing that.

I don’t know about you but years back I only thought of splits in clothing as those side or back slits present on skirts and blouses, then later being the back slit top trend where you get a sneak peek of your lower back which was alright.

Fast-forward to 2017, splitting in your clothing has gotten immensely adventurous, with them short or high splits decorating the sides of your culottes, front of your jeans’ legs and long skirts. Splits got so hot, they can be found on sleeves too, blending together with those flared sleeve trend the fashiony types get nutty about.

I don’t blame the splits for gathering this impactful momentum in the style sphere as they may have started initially out of practicality. Someone somewhere had a tear on the sleeve of their tee or a pant leg got stuck in the elevator door or a skirt got chewed by their adorable pet mouse, and they got creative by letting the split hang out, or at least, making another split happen on the other sleeve, hem leg and side of skirt for asymmetry, to show that when it comes to fashion and style, both need not be wasteful.

So, fashionistas, I hope that you know you can dig out those tees with holes and make them into splits somehow, whether they are on the sleeve, sides or even in the centre front, it is currently HOT and happening to be sporting these rebellious slits.

If you’re scared of creating a split on your pristine clothing, worry not as ZALORA Malaysia has a variety of split style clothing to have your needs covered. Enjoy!


Back Split Pleated Crop Top


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Front Twisted Split White Tunic


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Back Split Culottes


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Melange Midi Split Skirt


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Pink High Waist Split Culottes


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Black Split Side Tee


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Stripe Split Sleeve Top


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Which split skirt/shirt/pants would you love to wear? Do kindly share your thoughts below as I love reading them!

“Every morning was a cheerful invitation to make my life of equal simplicity, and I may say innocence, with Nature herself.”Henry David Thoreau

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