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Home » FASHIONISTA NOW » Fashionista NOW: Baju Raya Style Idea ~ Batik-Inspired Kurung With Mandarin Collar

Fashionista NOW: Baju Raya Style Idea ~ Batik-Inspired Kurung With Mandarin Collar

Fashionista NOW: Baju Raya Style Idea ~ Batik-Inspired Kurung With Mandarin Collar

A batik-inspired kurung modern with mandarin collar – Fleuré read our minds and created a STUNNING collection of mod baju kurung that you would so want to wear for Raya 2017!

With an amalgamation of the contrasting elements of the eye-catching batik and the oriental-flavored, high-neck mandarin collar, Fleuré takes it to the next style level with their current collection of modern kurung for Raya 2017. For those who are a fan of mandarin collars in general, this is a baju kurung style worth grabbing right this instant because you know how each piece will fly off the shelf before you know it. If you’ve seen Fleuré’s batik print kurung from the previous year’s collection, you will no doubt trace the presence of key features that make their kurung interpretations modern and memorable.

Instead of going with the popular flared sleeve style, the latest baju kurung top is kept narrow in width, giving off a look that’s pretty streamlined and fuss-free. I personally find this feature in particular very functional for when your aim is to eat a lot and this involves gathering food on a plate with your own two hands. I’m still wondering how ladies in long massive bell sleeves make rounding up food a plate easy. Perhaps, there’s a way that I don’t know of, so, do please mention it in the comment if you’re aware of a solution.

The batik print makes its presence on the neckline, center of the chest, sleeve edge and the long skirt which is cut to stay true to the traditional root. While last year’s batik print had flowers, the new motif of the batik print this year is leaf-oriented. The asymmetrical hemline of the baju kurung top is made to be longer at the side as opposed to last year’s long back and short front look. Fleuré takes it a step further with a waist sash that you can tie into a bow or ribbon.

Using breathable cotton for the whole charming Raya-worthy collection, I just love how the label nails it on the style and functionality as nobody wants to stew in heat-trapping fabric while going from house-to-house in sunny Malaysia.

Below you will find four of my faves from their collection of 7. Enjoy!


Blue Mandarin Collar Batik Kurungblue-mandarin-collar-batik-kurung

? | shop here


Brown Mandarin Collar Batik Kurung


? | shop here


Off White Mandarin Collar Batik Kurung


? | shop here


Pink Mandarin Collar Batik Kurung


? | shop here


Which kurung would you love to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!

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