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Sneakers Stay Chunky And Worn With Everything In 2019

Sneakers Stay Chunky And Worn With Everything In 2019

Credit | Vlada Avornic

The sneaker shoe trend in 2019 remains chunky and a bestie to practically any OOTD.

It’s 2019 and sneakers remain relevant still, appealing to a wide variety of ages and style inclinations. Whether it’s for sports or casually worn in a sporty chic type of ensemble, the comfy and practical shoes can be compared to the universality of denim and have quite infiltrated the modern day wardrobe like no other footwear could do.

Sneakers of the chunky variety in particular have been creatively worn by fashionistas in feminine attires as well as dressy wardrobe of choice in a purposefully contrasting style that celebrates footwear that are easy to walk in and are far from dainty in appearance.

Celebs and influencers have made chunky statement sneakers work with their power suits and evening dresses. For many street fashionistas, it’s their go-to as they can be worn just about anywhere, from lecture halls to the shopping mall. If a casual hiking opportunity sneaks up (pun intended), then you’re all set from the get-go.

For a quick glance into what our favorite street fashion folks are wearing with their sneakers in 2019, simply scroll away and enjoy!

| Syrena Hung

| Dana Nguyen

| Iga Parker

| Jacky

| Dominic G.

| Daniel Gough

| Vlada Avornic

What do you think of wearing sneakers with all kinds of outfits? Are you a fan? How do you personally style your own pair of sneakers? Share your thoughts! We love hearing from you.

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