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Quarantine Journal Style In Wooden And Aged Notebooks

Aged Wooden Notebook Styles 2020
Credit: PereyaSlavskayaArt

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Nostalgic notepads covered in intricately engraved wood awaits you.

There’s something about the act of writing, drawing, sketching or simply doodling using your hand that keeps you grounded in your body. During this challenging time, perhaps that is something we all need more of. And if you’re a fan of woody things, there’s something for you to delight in as you put hand on pen/pencil on paper: Wooden notepad made extra rustic with aged paper.

Handcrafted from scratch, the wooden cover is engraved manually, polished and lacquered. Custom inscriptions are available and these too are made by hands. The aged papers are coffee-hued and fragrant in a way that bookworms and literature devourers appreciate.

From the act of holding a beautifully-crafted notebook in your hand, smelling the aroma of blank papers ready for you to fill with creative ideas and thoughts or doodles and drawing, these wooden covered books will transform your love for penning things down on paper. Being made with exquisite sense of love for art and texture, these books are a visual delight themselves. Place them on your favorite corner and instantly, you have an unexpected art on display.

Rustic Quarantine Journal Styles To Consider

Botanical Engraved Wooden Notebook

This wooden book sets the bar when you are writing with feeling. The perfect gift for writers and doodlers in your life.

Aged Engraved Wood Cover Notebook

Aged & Engraved Wooden Notebook

A visual delight that surrounds your senses with its rustic character as you put your thoughts down on its aged and aromatic paper.

Pine Wooden Covered Notebook

Pine Wooden Covered Notebook

Wood lovers will not be able to calm down when you present them with this.

Sea Engraved Wooden Notebook

Sea Engraved Wooden Notebook

They say it's one thing to eat and eat with your eyes. This wooden journal is the embodiment of writing with your eyes...

Flower Engraved Wooden Notebook

Flower Engraved Wooden Notebook

It is indeed the notebook for the soul.

Well folks, what do you think of the wooden notebook style? Are you completely smitten with one or two already? 

For more stunning notebook creations that show a love for wooden beauty and art, be sure to visit PereyaSlavskayaArt and learn about these rustic masterpieces. 



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