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Fashionista NOW: Put Down Your Boring Shorts And Wear These Skorts Instead

Put Down Your Boring Shorts And Wear These Skorts Instead

Give your boring shorts a dear rest as you slip into skorts and free your legs this sunny season.

Skorts are an intermix of a short skirt and shorts. They’re double the fun since the best of both garments are embodied in one.

If shorts by themselves prove to be repetitive and tired, and a mini skirt renders you extra ladylike with your movement for fear of accidental flashing, then let skort offer you the answer and this season’s skorts come in an assorted of design and color options to suit your unique preference. Don’t know which skort style to pick from all that endless variety? Calm down and let me show you the skorts that can up your style game in a matter of seconds.

Leg-baring in skorts can be an exciting thing to do and you know it will make your friends (or your cats) wonder if you’re in a pair of shorts or a short skirt. This visual ambiguity is obviously easily solved as the back and the front bit that peek through as you move confidently will reveal that you are in a pair of skorts!

Whether you call it a skort or skorts, that need not matter unless you are a true grammar police but in this case, the word is a combination of shorts and skirt so it can be either way. Don’t stress!

Without further ado, here are 4 skort styles to fall in love with this season and if you’re in Malaysia, grab them quickly now as they’re on sales. Enjoy!


Black Eyelet Overlay Shorts


| shop here


Origami White Skort


| shop here


Burnt Orange Wrap Tie Skort


| shop here


Embroidered Split Skort


| shop here


Which skort style is your favorite? Share below – I’d love to know!

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