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Fashionista NOW: Obsessed With Brown? More Ways To Wear The Shades Of Earth

Mad and can’t get over wearing brown all day, everyday? Find more ways to wear the color trend here!

You’ve seen it happened: How brown hues have quite taken over a certain style sphere. The results are astonishing! Who would have have thought the humble brown has now quite possibly rivaled black! I am smitten with this color, like no other. I think it’s because it just goes with my brown complexion but in any case, you need not be brown-skinned to appreciate how ‘rustic orange’ or ‘suede brown’ has managed to dominate wardrobes of many fashion bloggers.

The earthy vibes pair well with other neutrals and lately, brown has been partnered up with pastel colors too! Taking brown as another neutral, you know it can be worn with other bold colors like red, navy, purple and green too with the brown anchoring the look down in a much diffused way than a black would.

As I am still in the state where whenever I see a brown piece of garment, I feel like hoarding them all, I figure that we could all use a bit more OOTD inspo from other fashionistas who are also into the earth hue, so that we will never run out of style ideas on how to wear brown all day, everyday! Enjoy!

Which outfit has nailed the brown color so much so you want to wear it yourself? Share below – I’d love to know!

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1 comment to Fashionista NOW: Obsessed With Brown? More Ways To Wear The Shades Of Earth

  • Fashion Abejita

    I just wanted to say thank you once again! :) All the outfits are so beautiful and I love how you picked different styles, including mine of course :) Such a lovely inspiration <3

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