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Fashionista NOW: Moody Green Fashion Inspiration

Credit | Alice /13CVTS

I go to back to green, like I always do. Besides my love for leopard prints, dark green is my go-to color. No matter what the dark green shade is, whether it is in the cool or warm color spectrum, I love them all.

One of the countless dark green posts that I’ve written over the years featured a dark green hooded coat that was worn by the stylish Sára Sošková and her outfit was posted back in January 2013. This very look is still trending on Pinterest.

The very same year, emerald green was anointed by Pantone as the color that you’d wanted to be caught wearing no matter what as it was the color. Guess what, dark green is still hot and relevant even as 2014 is wrapping up. Sorry, radiant orchid you have certainly been overshadowed. While pale pastels can be inserted generously into a cold-season friendly wardrobe for the monsoon, fall and winter, darker colors cannot be rid off and such is the case with shades of dark green.

Amongst the many shades of dark green that have been listed on Wikipedia through distinct color coordinates, UP forest green, Sacramento state green, rifle green, midnight green, MSU green, hunter green, Castleton green, bottle green, army green and moss green are just some of the few interesting names ascribed to the very much loved ‘dark green’ color.

My favorite moody green encompasses any dusty dark green (the military kind), khaki green with dusty brown undertone and mossy green with cool undertone. These dark green shades are then best paired with black, gray, navy and brown for the ultimate dark and broody look.

Wonder how to wear dark green stylishly this season? As always, be sure to cast your attention to the fashion imagery below (and hype them if you like!):

| Shelly Pan

| Stephanie R.

| Enn Franco

| Clara-Fina Frisk

| Nathalie Kemna

My moody green picks from Zalora:

Moody green 1

[ kimono sleeve top ] [ sahara raya collection ] [ lace trim asymmetric peplum top ]

Moody green 2

[ cutout spliced mini dress ] [ green lace mini dress ]

Moody green 3

[ pointed flats with zipper piping ] [ olive nylon trapeze tote ] [ Something Borrowed sleek city tote bag ] [ Embellish green soft clutch ] [ square toe pumps with chunky heel ] [ Embellish camo green shoulder bag ]

All items shown above are available on Zalora Malaysia. New customers from Malaysia/Brunei are entitled to get a 15% OFF your first purchase! Just remember to key this promo code at checkout: ZBAPedJ

Dark green outfit ideas courtesy of Polyvore:

Untitled #138

| creative set designed by mateatadic

green tea

| creative set designed by special

green and navy

| creative set designed by Ecem Ay?e Köse

g is for green

| creative set designed by silentrose

What shade of green do you prefer to wear? How would you style a moody green outfit? Share below and let us know!

“Green is the prime color of the world, and that from which its loveliness arises.”Pedro Calderon de la Barca

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Disclosure: I am a Zalora brand ambassador. The items shared here are my personal favorites and are recommendations based on the fashion trend highlighted on this post. I am not sponsored by Zalora. The use of the promo code can result in a commission that is credited to this site.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

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10 comments to Fashionista NOW: Moody Green Fashion Inspiration

  • SilentRose

    Wow thanks again for adding my polyvore set to your blog entry! I would style any green outfit, much similar to the one it my set. But that was an fall outfit, in my opinion. So for winter, I think I would love a thick, military green sweater with some black skinny jeans or any dark wash jeans, with some comfy black boots.

    • I like your winter outfit idea! Something I’d wear myself should there be snow somewhere down the line here in Malaysia. For a tropical country version where it is rainy now, I’d just wear a breathable military green jacket (over some tank top) instead! Thank you for dropping by SilentRose :) xx

  • I really love the way you write, and that you share information about the colors! It was such a delight reading this post! :)

    And I do own a dark moss green cardigan that was dip dyed in black, so you get the nice ombre effect, I paired that with.. (wait for it…) Yes, black! Haha! With gold details, which I have a weakness for.

    But I found it to be really nice :)


    Cheraine from CHANEXT

    • Aww..thank you for such a lovely comment, you make me smile! Haha, I can understand why you had to pair it black – it is the most logical thing to do, isn’t it! How else could you make it all dark and suave, right? Thank you for swinging by, Cheraine :) xoxo

  • Sitting Pretty Styling

    Thank you so much for adding my Lookbook look to your blog post! Hunter Green is a huge trend this season and I love all the other ways everyone else is wearing it, too! =]

  • thank you for the message, nice post! :) bottle green rocks definitely :D

  • Dark green is indeed a gorgeous colour, but I prefer even more muted colours than that. Some of the looks you selected are so so stunning though – so dark and mysterious.

    Jasmin xx

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