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Fashionista NOW: 5 Highly Wearable Monochromatic Black And White Pencil Skirt Ideas

5 Highly Wearable Monochromatic Black And White Pencil Skirt Ideas

Need a pencil skirt in a print style that goes with every top you own? Look to these patterned pencil skirts in monochrome black and white motif.

It’s not that I love monochromatic black and white prints, I am quite completely nuts about them. If you find yourself in a similar state of mind of late, I get you, girlfriend. The thing about patterns in colors is they do need some thought to be invested in so that the end result of an outfit comes together. For bums like me, that can be trying.

With patterns in black and white monochrome flavor, you bet the time it takes to piece an ensemble out gets slashed and you get to focus on some other vital parts of looking fab and presentable like taming down the bushy brows and plucking crazy overgrown stray upper lip hair.

In this post, I zone in on midi pencil skirts a lady could use to amp up her natural feminine appeal. A pencil skirt hugs the curves of your body, celebrating your shape whilst letting you embrace your own femininity in a way that a pair of slouchy jogger pants (which I am smitten with too) can’t do.

Rendered in motif of the utterly wearable B and W monochrome, the pencil skirt can easily become a favorite piece in your repertoire as it will no doubt team well with other separates – pair it with a bright neon blouse or an understated grey crop top, you’ll be slaying the style game like it’s nothing!

For ideas on the style of patterned monochromatic pencil skirts to wear, you know the drill – scroll down, eyeball and enjoy!


5 Pencil Skirts Of The Highly Wearable Monochromatic Black And White Style


Abstract Print Pencil Skirt


| shop here


Stripe Chevron Pencil Skirt


| shop here


Textured Lace Pencil Skirt


| shop here


White Abstract Pencil Skirt


| shop here


Floral Border Print Pencil Skirt


| shop here


Which of this printed pencil skirts do you see yourself wearing? Share below – I’d love to know!

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