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How Lookbookers Wear Lime/Neon Shades Of Green

Izabella from Poland looks rather bomb in her neon green top and we’re obsessed!

This is a lookbook post to show how global fashion bloggers wear and style their favorite shades of green (mainly lime and neon) for the world to see.

© All images are copyrighted by their respective authors.

What shade of green shall you explore this new year, you wonder? How about the lime and neon variety or a combination of those two in a single outfit?

Let’s draw a really quick style inspo from looks worn by various fashion bloggers from across the globe now that feature the color lime and neon green, shall we? If I get some of the green shades wrong, please forgive my eyeballs but since Christmas of last year ended, I had been constantly bothered by the forest green top I’d been wearing wondering whether other shades of green would look good on me. And someone said they hated olive green only to reveal that the shade of green they were talking about felt more of a khaki green to me. And Google failed to help in narrowing the olive green I had in mine but perhaps, I was mistaken as well. 

So, this post is triggered by me searching for a new shade of green and I hope you’ll find the looks accompanying this entry helpful.

Feast your eyes now and enjoy:

Lime + Neon Green OOTDs: The way lookbookers wear them...

Happy apple green structures skirt with pleats

Cassey from Manila wears a chic and feminine look that combines a dotted blouse and a flared apple green skirt.

Lime green cardigan in a white look

Janette from Australia goes for a pop of lime green by way of a comfy boxy cardigan over a primarily white OOTD. The look spells sweet and yes, I have to say it again: CHIC.

Lime green cargo pants with scrunchie waist

Leave it to Ava from China to come up with a totally adventurous look that marries dressiness (blazer over a crop top, pointy-toe boots) with comfort as she slays it in her roomy lime green cargo pants. 

Neon lime green hoodie + sports shoes

Inwon Lee from Korea successfully displayed a great taste in a full-on athleisure look we so adore. If he can do it, you can do it too. Just have a lot of confidence.

Vintage style lime green dress

Don’t be boring at the beach. Wear a romantic vintage style lime green dress like Jimin V.Linh from Vietnam as she absorbs some realy refreshing oxygen, sunshine and salty breeze.

Calligraphy lime green sweater

Bring together unsuspecting elements the way that’s done  by ELFSACK from the U.K. by teaming an oversized lime green sweater with fringe hem skirt and a pair of statement huge sneakers. Plus points for mossy green socks.

Textured lime green long cardigan

Go the cozy textural route by throwing over a lime green cardi over your casual go-to tee-and-jeans and push the fun factor with strappy booties the way Elif from Turkey is wearing hers.

Lime green beanie and top

Make your lime green pop in all-black getup by keeping it the strategic style route. Elisabeth from Spain does it by putting on a lime green knitted beanie and a bandeau sort of knit crop top over a total black look. Smart layering, effortlessly cool style!

Lime green straight cut slacks

Look at this look: I’d wear it! A slither of midriff, a purposeful crop and a tied-up blouse to go over it, wide-brim hat, compact handbag and the visually-bold pants in lime green. Thank Blue Bird from Turkey for showing us how ;)

Well friends, what do you think of the looks? Are you into these shades of green?

Share with us! We love hearing form you :)

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