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Fashionista NOW: Long Coat Weather Style Guide

Credit | Melike Gul

Do you face a frump-related problem when styling long coats? Don’t worry, these fashion-forward ladies will show you how to do it the chic way.

There was a time when I thought long outerwear is only to be worn by lucky people who roam in countries blessed with the 4 seasons but then came the longline cardigans made in lightweight material that’s tropical-weather-friendly and how I rejoiced!

The extra unexpected length makes the outerwear look like a dress from an angle and yes, you can wear it as a dress if it comes with buttons.

And just recently, my mom handed me her very out-there type of retro midi frock I honestly thought I could do without because it’s just not in the color or print I see myself wearing until I saw that it came with fully-functional buttons from the neck down to the hemline!

The realization that I could rock it as a statement outerwear made me squeal in loony delight. I grabbed the dress from my mom’s hand while she reminisced the good old days when she could fit into the dress. There were still shoulder pads in it that you could tell it came from a totally different fashion era. A few snips and the pads were off because my shoulders are fine without the extra power padding. I’ve been thinking of ways to style the retro piece and perhaps, I should do a post on it, we’ll see!

So, what was I on about: Yes, long coats. While there is no chance you’d want to be clad in the heavier coat variety here in Malaysia, you might be flying somewhere nippy and when it comes down to long coat styling that is modern, fun and not-at-all frumpy, best believe that the looks below will get you totes inspired!

Do you like the long coat trend we’ve been seeing lately, the way they’re worn nonchalantly with a peek of ankle in cuffed relaxed trousers or a bit of unexpected skin through raggedy holes in ripped jeans?

What about the longline outerwear that makes us salivate, eh? Shoot your lines down below – I want to know!

Random fact about me: I’ve been learning quick and easy recipes of fun healthy salads to make that involve fresh produce and the efficient microwave (because I’m not feeling the old stove lately). Last night, I successfully cooked a piece of salmon in 2 minutes! It was amazing, I tell you! Actually, I could reduce the cooking time to 1 and a half minutes because I like it a little bit rare in the middle.

“Preparing food is one of life’s great joys, but a lot of times, parents ask their kids if they want to cook with them and then tell them to go peel a bag of potatoes. That’s not cooking – that’s working!”Guy Fieri

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