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Fashionista NOW: 7 FABULOUS Deep Navy Blue Dress Ideas

7 FABULOUS Deep Navy Blue Dress Ideas

7 deep navy blue dresses that you’ll immediately want in your repertoire, ASAP!

If beige is teased as being dull and predictable, then navy blue is the embodiment of playing it safe but the two colors are strong contenders within the fashion circle. Navy blue is embraced by both genders with no pauses or concerns that anyone is being gender-confused.

Gender-bending is the game that we’ve seen played time and time again amongst the fashion fraternity and ladies in particular gleefully get to embrace a much wider option whenever they get to borrow something from the men’s wardrobe.

Getting back to the darkness of deep navy blue that is inviting particularly this hazy and gloomy season, I’m finding that in dresses — casual or dressy — navy is a stand-out pick for days when you’re putting the LBD or LGD (little grey dress) to rest. There is a certain reserved elegance you can’t help but to notice about the hue that just works and I’m wondering why I haven’t got a single dress in the color myself!

Ladies, if you’re always thinking about how a certain color expresses itself on your body type no matter what they are, well, with navy blue, you must already know by now that it is quite a slimming one bearing in mind that one chooses a dress in the right silhouette and correct sizing. A figure that is straight without a prominent waist definition may opt for a dress that has a fit-and-flare cut or you may just pop on a sash or a skinny belt to make up for a lack in a built-in cinch.

The most vital thing to do is to know and embrace your body shape and work from there. If you’re voluptuous and love to accentuate your existing curves, a bodycon dress in navy blue can be considered just as well as a skater style dress. Remember to always, and I mean, ALWAYS wear the size that is fitting to your body. Nobody looks good in a dress a little too tiny although with a larger one, you can play with the retro looks that are more open to a certain unexpected slouchiness in the dress form.

As always, it’s time to eyeball the navy blue dress list down below to get your dose of style inspo – Are you ready? Scroll!

Random fact about me: I’m a fan of Iwan Rheon ever since I watched the awesome British TV show, Misfits and saw how he slayed it in the acting department. I recently found a song he sang in Welsh from his album, Dinard (yup, he’s cute, acts and sings too!) and even though I don’t understand a single word, the song just speaks to me! And I think Welsh is such a beautiful language and Iwan and I should so get married!

“Gorau prinder, prinder geiriau.” (translation: “The best shortage is a shortage of words.”) — Welsh Saying

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