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Fashionista NOW: The Language of Jogger Pants In A Woman’s Wardrobe

Credit | Gigi Lam

I still love jogger pants and need to find out why my passion for the sweatpants is still strong. Join me?

I am quite smitten with joggers and surprisingly, the love affair only started late last year after embracing the comfy harem pants – not the overly slouchy crotch variety, mind you. It’s a look that I appreciate both on men and women alike.

Something about joggers when styled will conscious style intention and effort speaks to how a comfortable bottom can truly be as stylish as its more fitted and structured counterpart. The relaxed top part of the sporty pants is brilliant for movement and for when you’ve just gobbled up 2 plates of food plus loads of drinks.

Also, some days when you feel like giving your tushie a break from having to keep up with looking fit and amazing, joggers are truly a heaven-sent. If you’re thinking that letting it loose in a pair of joggers is an invite to gradually looking sloppy, you definitely must see how the fashion lot is pulling of their joggers so fashionably polished even outside their workout session.

Curiously, I’ve relegated the old leggings for my walking workout session. Joggers, to me, feel like the new cool pants to wear when I’m aiming for the relaxed but chic style vibe.

| Lina Dinh

The jogger pants here have a look of slacks but the tapered end reveals the appeal that I just love in the new breed of sweatpants. Wear with a roomy blouse for that dose of yin-and-yang juxtaposition and sneakers.

| Silver Girl

Jogger pants get associated with a bum look but hello, have you seen the kinds they make lately? These come in various level of bagginess and fit, and if you throw on a structured jacket and heels, seize the day in style, you shall!

| Claire Liu

These leather jogger pants are on the baggy, more wrinkly side so you get a dose of texture to play with. Not for hot weather obviously, so if it’s bone-chilling cold where you are, wear them in a monochromatic styling like Claire.

| Fashionlingual, Desirée

You can also get joggers in the anticipated brown-esque color that will be hot this year. Cuff the hem of your joggers if you feel like showing a peek of ankles.

| Mai Sunshine

This sporty version with a vertical stripe going down the side of the pants takes me back to high school days. But, look at how the pants are styled here! It’s semi-dressy and also laidback in the way that athleisure looks are known for.

| Phinjo Lhamo

A more fitted form of jogger pants is available so you can definitely still show off your legs comfortably while in them.

Which of the looks you like best? Do you like joggers as I do? Share below – I’d love to know your thoughts!

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