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Fashionista NOW: Why Everyone Should Start Wearing Joggers Today?

Why Everyone Should Start Wearing Joggers Today?

I’ve been raving over joggers like an utterly obsessed loon but that’s alright. What’s fashion without a few hardcore fanatics that cannot let go a trend after finding out how unbelievably awesome it is.

I know, I’ve said it a few times before but I’ll say it again: What are you doing with your life without the new breed of sweatpants? Beyond comfort, the silhouette on these sporty pants is elongating as it tapers as it down towards your ankle. You can wear them with casual sneakers, sandals or chic-ify your look with heels, pumps or boots.

Because joggers as trousers by the way they look are considered quite relaxed, you can opt to balance off your look with a more dressy top. But if you’re aiming for the athleisure look, you can go fully-relaxed top and bottom. Just make sure your hair’s been washed and your feet don’t stink. A spray of perfume would be awesome too.

Anyway gals, if you’re a bit like me, completely taken in by this sporty pant trend, I’ve gathered a list of SIX must-have joggers you can delightfully eyeball below. Enjoy!


6 Joggers We’d Gladly Hoard


Black Cotton Striped Joggers


| shop here


Blue Textured Jogger Pants


| shop here


Cozy Grey Jogger Pants


| shop here


Dark Grey Exercise Pants


| shop here


Indigo Sporty Track Pants


| shop here


White Jogger Track Pants


| shop here


So, which pair of joggers do you itch to wear? Share below – I’d love to know!


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