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Fashionista NOW: How To Wear Sporty Shorts For The Summer?

You know how I love jogger pants and that makes me a fan of sporty shorts that have the look like you’re going for a run or have just finished running even though you’re just actually bumming.

In line with the athleisure trend that’s taking up some of the fashion space and one that I’m quite zooming in on because hey, I love it – runner shorts, jogger shorts or plain sporty style shorts can be a refreshing staple to incorporate into your summer wardrobe.

While these shorts aren’t yet on the level of ripped and tattered-to-bits denim shorts, I feel like they’re just awaiting for the time to shine. I’m into the breathable fabric that these shorts are often made of and also the soft way that they go over your bottom bits. This is vital for when the summer is lethally humid as you still want air to circulate if you’re out and about.

Honestly though: I’m just into the darn sporty shorts and I’m boggled as to why they’re not worn as much when they are so athleisure! Upon trawling LB for wearers of these shorts, I found a list of SEVEN fashionistas that actually wear them, so yay!

Without further ado, feast your eyeballs on the casual way you can up your summer sporty style ante with these gym-inspired shorts. Enjoy!

With A Slogan Tee

| Karina Malina

With A V-Neck Tee

| Shevah Vahdatpout

With A Grey Tee

| Kate I.

With A Mesh Shirt

| Katarzyna Z.

With A Plain Black Top

| Adriana Delia Barar

With Off-The-Shoulder Top

| Evelina Talmantaite

Which look makes you want to go get yourself a pair of sporty shorts ASAP? Share below – I’d love to know!

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